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Gelato in Bali

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I wanted to check out Gaya Gelato in Ubud but did not have the chance to. Gelato seems to be their only form of icy treat as oppposed to icecream. Icecreams are limited to Magums and Paddlepop equivalents..these can be easily obtained from supermarts and convenience stores.

gelato secrets

Gelato Secrets, Jalan Monkey Forest
IDR 20,000 Single Scoop

A stone's throw away from Ubud Central Market, business was brisk in the uber pink and cute store. Sampling was given though very reluctantly armed with a disgruntled face. Surprisingly they had soya gelato too on their menu but I didn't get to try any during my visit there.

gingerbread gelato
Gingerbread gelato it had to be! With hints of cinnamon, it could pass off as gingerbread reluctantly. Melted it did too quickly and paired with a less than crunchy was not exactly the bestest icy treat under the sun but it was good as it is.

original italian gelato at kuta

Original Italian Gelato, Kuta
IDR 15,000 Single Scoop

hot day!



Double scoops for a super duper skin burning scalp torching hot day! Coconut sorbet and Hazelnut gelato on a waffle cone. Just thinking about it makes me drool. Coconut sorbet was tropical and refreshing with orange gelato woven in, absolutely surprising and delish! Hazelnut was less outstanding but loved it for the milky aftertaste.

The thing about their cones is they are crumbly and lack the bite I always look for.

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