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Merah Putih @ Seminyak, Bali

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I've heard and read so much about Merah Putih, I had to make a visit. Except, babies are not welcomed past the bewitching hour of 630pm for dinner. So I guess we had to make do with lunch.


These tall sprawling coconut trees greeted us as we  entered, looked just like paradise eh?


View from the second floor canopys.


I suppose this intimate setting suits dinner more, especially with girlfriends!

First up a round of fruity drinks for all of us at the table. I cannot get over the fact that mocktails and juices actually cost the same as bottled water in Bali.






Complimentary amuse bouches that remind me of mee soto, except this was served with rice noodles.


Sambal (IDR 45K)
Selection of chilies from across the archipelago

Being the typical Singaporean, I baulked at the idea of paying for chillies. And paying for chillies we did which turned out to be a worthy decision. This selection was definitely different from those served with the dishes, alot more fieriness in the assortment and truly, it is amazing to be Asian having access to chillies. They light up any meal, in my opinion and went well with everything we ordered!


Mie Cumi (IDR 95K)
Squid ink noodles, baby squid, garlic, sambal roa

This fusion dish caught my eye because of squid ink noodles and served Asian style? One can only expect fireworks and nothing less. Tender squid rings and a mildly spicy squid ink noodles, the marriage of garlic and sambal was truly, uniquely Indonesia. Sedap nia.


Perkedel Kentang (IDR 40K)
Potato and cassava fritters, sambal balado

These are certainly a more refined version of bergerdils, the crispy coating on the fritters was addictive and surprisingly so light. Give me potatoes anyday and I am already a happy camper.


Tongku Gohu (IDR 95K)
Manado yellow fin tuna, lemongrass, cassava

I scoffed at the portions and was so close to waving this off as a dish for tourists. I love the whole thought process of marrying asian elements into the piquant sauce and use of lemongrass for the uplifting fragrance and cassava chips even. Spot on delicious.


Ayam Betutu (IDR 120K)
Smoked Balinese chicken, quail egg, torch ginger, peanuts

 Another mee soto moment, the gravy is amazeballs together with an incredibly tender smoked chicken!


Gulai Ikan Aceh (IDR 80K) 
Grouper curry, soft shell crab, wing beans

Fresh fish, creamy curry and topped with a crispy soft shell crab. What can go wrong? Almost none, infact everything was right. Except I needed an extra order of rice.


Babi Guiling Medan (IDR 220K)
Crispy skin suckling pig, andaliman, nasi jagung

Alas, a version of babi guiling that deserves seconds! It's got the succulence of a roast pork, and crispiness of a roast suckling pig and though the corn rice was superfluous, it had the works of a definitive babi guiling dish.


Puyuh Panggang Timor (IDR 130K)
Cassava stuffed quail, garlic, sweet corn batadan

I had enough foul that meal but every dish was just so good! I normally cannot bring myself to eat quail for its sheer size yet this cassava stuffed quail was a game changer.


Bebek Menyat Nyat (IDR 175K)
Balinese duck curry, coconut, pumpkin greens

Sold on curry sauce, the balance of the full bodied and creamyness and a deliciously fall off bone tender duck meat.


One order is definitely not enough for a meal like this.


Kelapa (IDR 60K)
Young coconut pannacotta, hibiscus, pandan, granitas

This had to be the most dressed up panna cotta dessert eaten, love pandan and be addicted to the fragrance particularly. I enjoyed how this came through in a number of textures and aromas.


Markissa (IDR 60K)
Spiced passionfruit lapis, brulee, ganache, kenari

Once again, a beautiful piece marrying both the french brulee and asian lapis. That said, it was not the best lapis eaten, but flavours spot on.


Madu (IDR 60K)
Timorese honey and pumpkin flan, pears, honey cake  

It is a tough fight deciding which is my favourite dessert. All three were beautifully conceptualized and plated, while I enjoyed honey cake's texture, the flan was more of a miss for me.

With such a glowing rave from me, you bet I'd recommend this place as a must visit in Bali. I wish I had time for more meals here, and this was definitely the highlight of the trip. 

Merah Putih
Jl. Petitenget No.100X, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung

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