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Lin Heung Revisited @ Central

lin heung

The urge to include Lin Heung was so strong, I knew I had to find time to return regardless. Even if it meant going alone and risking my seat being robbed whilst fighting the "longest arm-loudest voice" battle with the rest of the hungry diners at the pushcart. Thankfully, I had company!

crazy morning rush

Even when breakfast ends at 1030, it is still packed at 945am. Though waning, the crowds were less rough and brash this time round!


The familiar sheet for stamping that makes this place still so charming.

push carts

See the lady coming through with her pushcart! The only comfort I get having a later than 8-ish am breakfast is the pushcarts do get to you but variety is definitely lesser.

cheong fun

Beef rice rolls

Is it me or are their rice rolls still not my thing. This was thicker than Tim Ho Wan's and the beef had an odd smell about it. Did not bear to finish it.



I was hunting high and low for the usual suspects but only siew mais were available.

siewmai upclose

One plump fresh prawn and pork without fillers. I have to admit fillers make eating dimsum annoying to a certain extent, especially some fillers that cannot be ingested despite chewing till the jaws ache. I always adore how Lin Heung's is so fresh and not MSG-laden. I didn't even need the usual side of chilli paste!

dumplings lin heung

More of the dumplings.


The favourite prawns peeping out! I have had bad dimsum at Lin Heung (think orange peel beef balls) but their consistently good ones go to prawn dumplings, siew mai and har gaos.

ma lai goh

How could I miss my childhood favourite of Ma Lai Goh. Standing tall and mighty, the pillowy soft texture made polishing this off oh-so-easy-peasy!

white lotus paste

This was what called me back and hooray that it was available! Lotus Paste with Salted Egg Bun. Rich lard-laden lotus paste with a full salted egg yolk...unctously divine.I was half tempted to lug them back....argh, if only I did!!!

HKD 84 for two screams value for money. I would never ever get the same price and quality in Singapore, especially. It sounds crazy but I really feel like booking myself another ticket to Hongkong.


Lin Heung is brilliant, they have the restaurant on the second floor and the bakery on the first. Taking the flight of stairs down has been a road of temptation (twice proven!). I ended up packing the lotus paste pastry and almond cookies. These are different from Koi Kee, anything lard tastes sinful as that statement sounds. Theirs are madly fragrant (almond essence), the biscuits are more solid and harder than melt in your mouth Koi Kee.

Lin Heung
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  1. You ate at Tim Ho Wan? Lucky girl! I want to try the char siew boluo bun so badly. Looking forward to your post. Yums!

  2. Hmmm... I notice for some blogs they even state the exact Chinese names of the dim sum dishes at Lin Heung. Is there even a menu?

  3. ehh yup there's a menu and it's totally in chinese. :)

  4. Know what? Your lianrong bao with salted egg yolk picture is now my desktop background. :-) *Burp* I'm having lianrong baos for tea later. No salted egg yolk sobs. ):

  5. *awwwwwwwwwww* I wanna eat my lianrong baos too...lin heung ones no less!

  6. I'm gonna gobble a couple of Lin Heung's lianrong baos soon! I'll help you eat your share. =)

  7. Lin Heung's lianrong baos were a major disappointment. The bao skin's so thick and doughy & lotus seed paste wasn't smooth at all. And the baos came cold! My Clementi Hong Ho Phang lianrong baos are so much more delicious. Haiz was very disappointed.

  8. oh dear...what a pity! me loves their lotus paste.