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Lord Stow's Bakery @ Venetian

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lord stow's signage

Portuguese egg tarts are as famous as almond cookies in Macau, the only pity being lugging them back is an issue. Research showed me to Lord Stow's and his ex wife's bakery, Margaret's Cafe being the top of the league for this lil snack. Imagine my sheer joy when Venetian Macau had an outlet, regardless of the pricier tag.

Situated near the venetian lake that connects most part of Venetian, sitting in the cafe brought me closer to Venice. Lord Stow's Bakery offers a splendid array of tea treats; from salads to sandwiches to egg tarts and cakes. Quite an endless range though the focus was all on their famous.

lord stow's interior

Take your choice of high bench seats or cushy sofas.
at last!

Boxes and boxes that get sold off like hotcakes. The lady over the counter proudly rattled on how we could get them in Hongkong and how to keep them to ensure freshness always.
a box

I was giggling with delight, finally I had a chance at them! Nicely torched cups of custard called portugese egg tarts.

flaky goodness

Readying myself for the moment of truth.
nom nom

Take a moment to count the layers (just kidding!). Incredible work of tart-tistry. The layers were crispy yet not oily, you could almost hear the pastry crack under pressure. The creamy custard was a star of its own.

It was soooooo good, we all could not help making plans for a return the very same night.

More of the titilating! Turned out the second was better than the first, with a milkier custard and equally delectable tart base. They are so good, they can be found in Hongkong as well but I did not find enough resolute to lug them back.

MOP 8 for a bite of Macau!

The other goodies that tempted us so...
eggless cake

Angel cake with orange (MOP 4)

Unbelievably soft and spongey, it was denser than sponge cake yet very light on the palette. Adored the orange peel embedded within for bursts of surprises.

wheat bread

Whole Wheat Roll
Not too huge a fan of this pasty one, the sandwiches and salads were hollering at me. If only I had more space...

Lord Stow's Bakery

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  1. Looks delicious. I'm sure it was delicious as welllllll

  2. i suppose none of the portuguese egg tarts in singapore will satisfy after having these! i hope to try these when i visit macau one day (:

  3. We have Lord Stow's bakery in Manila but only a take away shop :) Not sure if it's still open though.

  4. @ harris: hahaha it was, mad delish. ;p

    @ stargirl: ehhhh, not too sure about that, have yet to try madeleine's tho!

    @ lorraine: ahhhh, you shd give it a go!!! merry christmas!

  5. I just had Margaret’s Cafe e Nata's egg tarts & Koi Kee Almond Cookies! Burp!

  6. lucky yooooo! are u heading to macau? tell me if margaret's better!

  7. No Phoebe... I just ate the egg tart! From Macau with <3! Yums!