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Jenny's Cookies Revisited @ Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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The curse of the Jenny Cookies meant that I had poisoned so many of our family members with a cookie addiction so much so we had to lug back tins for them this time round.The first visit to Tsim Sha Tsui's Mirador Mansion unravelled more than we ever bargained for.


Illegal hawkers all over


Just Nathan Street alone we encountered so many illegal hawkers, it was so easy to fall prey to one. Many of them existed in the building just next to Mirador and most of these shops had hawkers carrying stands stating Jenny Cookies for purchase.



One look at the queue for the real deal would explain why so many illegal hawkers were mushrooming.


Queues that do not move

So turns out, there was both a street queue and a store queue, after you have paid your dues in the street for what looks like an hour, the store queue is all but 5 minutes if you know exactly what to buy. Afterall, by the time it strikes noon, most of the items would have been sold out anyway. It's a take it or leave it world.

We decided to abandon the queue after almost 20 minutes in a line that did not budge one bit and the sky threatened an epic down pour with the heavy drops that fell as a prelude.


My luck with the other Sheung Wan outlet was heaps better, at least an hour was not what I needed but cash was the only mode of payment. Word of advice, get these cookies on the first day of arrival before the cash runs out or just head to the money changer around the corner and be a slave to their rates.

Four tins and none for us though we managed to steal bites of butter heaven. This time round, I had a go at their cranberry macadamia nougats - d for delicious, delightful and damn it, there's another obsession to start. I never ever liked soft nougats because they either stuck to the teeth or just were not as wholesome as those hard as rock type. These were soft, mildly sweet and bore a strong hint of butter in that gooey goodness. One pack was all I had to tide me over and next time, a tin of these!

Jennys Cookies

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