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新香園 (堅記) @ Sham Shui Po, Hongkong

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Sham Shui Po is one of those neighbourhoods that is fast gaining popularity for its food gems and night markets - and even with my frequent Hong Kong travels, I honestly am not even close to checking off all the neighbourhood eats yet.

新香園 (堅記) is a marriage of convenience (porridge sold next doors and everything else in the main shop) so there is alot of takeaways going on for almost every dish one can think of.


Breakfast, lunch or dinner, they have got it all covered. And yes, sharing of tables is perfectly encouraged and the hongkong vibe runs strong here too - local regulars and loud booming conversations in cantonese. I cannot help but wonder - there really is no concept of privacy at all.


Beef Noodle (HKD 21)

I'd very much prefer to try their famous pig trotter noodles but with the heavy lunch planned, I better not kill my stomach with an equally heavy breakfast.

Alkaline wanton noodles with a dash of oyster sauce and over tenderised beef slices. Somehow I am not such a huge fan of this dish, though oyster sauce with anything works on any homecooked dish.


Beef Omelette sandwich (HKD 19)

Trust the hongkongers to make delicious of minced beef, egg and toasted sandwich bread. The bread in itself is barely impressive - browned and flimsy but stuff in a pan fried beef omelette and we are finally talking business.

Hearty, delightful and somewhat very comforting even for a takeaway. The only time I indulge in sandwiches without my side salad or even a ketchup dollop.

Best sandwich? I may not concur but it was a mighty satisfying one.


Not to mention, their chilli sauce which is quite the bomb too. For future visits to eateries, I have to pay attention to their condiment corner!

新香園 (堅記)
38 Kweilin Street, Sham Shui Po

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