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Tai Cheong Bakery @ Lydhurst Terrace, Hongkong

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The much coveted mustard yellow box, like our rosewood red equivalent.

We have our hole in the cake.

They have their scrummy yummy lustful lardful TAI CHEONG EGG TARTS.

From Chris Patten to a noob from overseas like me, we are all ardent fans.

HK's ex-governer, Chris Patten adores them...nearly every food guide glorifies them. Just two streets away from Luk Yu and Lin Heung, Tai Cheong's accessible. Not to be mistaken by Tai Cheung Pawnshop around the corner too!

Boxes piled high to cater to the demands.

Mortar brick wall that adds to the old charm of this bakery.

The star of the shop.

And then there's a whole tray of it! Dang, should've carted the whole tray back!

The sugar glistened egg tart, so very precious.

Egg Tart (HKD 5)

Freshly baked daily, these babies are to-die for! The crust is quite unlike those I've ever eaten before, thick with butter, the crust melts in your mouth like a shortcake, the custard within is runny, smooth and rich at the same time. Who cares about the lard that goes into it at this point, the egg tart can be slurped down, almost drunk down literally. Major pity came when we attempted Tai Cheong's the next day, the tarts were slightly over baked...but still as sinful.

Tai Cheong's got other offerings too, great for souvenirs!

Soft Candies (3 for HKD 20)
Peanut Candies (3 for HKD 20)

I made a selection of crunchy peanut/sesame sweets and ginger/mixed nut soft candies.

The sweets are slightly sweet but tasted of the dessert, solidified. The black sesame candies bear a strong hint of the black sesame dessert. The nut candies are like candy rocks with chockfuls of nuts, as good as a nutty muesli bar. The best part of it is, they vary in crunchiness, the sesame ones are harder than the peanut.

The soft candies were acquired. I chose ginger and mixed nut soft candy. I didn't fancy the ginger much, preferring the mixed nut.

Tai Cheong
35 Lydhurst Terrace
Central, Hongkong

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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