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Man Wah @ Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong


At such short notice, I was thankful to even nail a lunch reservation at Man Wah. Lung King Heen and Duddel's were packed beyond measure which leaves me to the other trips to fulfil.


Located at Mandarin Oriental, it overlooks the financial district skyline - not the most picturesque but better than none.



I loved the decor at Man Wah, a throwback to a certain dynasty, very regal and opulent.


It seems to me that condiments are mandatory at every expensive dimsum meal in Hong Kong.


Tiger Prawn, Bamboo Shoot Dumpling (HKD 90, 4 pieces)

Ingredients were undoubtedly fresh and skin a tad thick, barely as wafer thin as Lung King Heen's.  The dimsum experience was not off to a good start.


Siew Mai (HKD 90, 4 pieces)


Beef Tenderloin Puff, Black Pepper Sauce (HKD 98, 3 pieces)


Lacking in some finesse, the puff pastry was pretty much like any other savoury puff I have eaten.


Foie Gras and Pear Dumpling (HKD 98, 3 pieces)


A 咸水角 disguised as a pear dumpling, filled with a foie gras pate. Undeniably oily, every morsel was a glorious release of grease. Stick to one per diner otherwise face a stuffed stomach earlier than desired. I felt it was a waste of foie gras having mashed it till mush, better presentations expected unfortunately.


Golden Taro Puff, Abalone (HKD 108, 2 pieces)

Heavy on butter, this was a denser and oilier pastry with a baby abalone balancing on a mini taro puff.


Deep Fried Cod Fish, Preseved Olive, Black Bean, Five Spices (HKD 208)

Fleshy and flaky chunks that finally redeemed the meal.


Spaghetti Squash, Sakura Shrimp, Sesame Sauce (HKD 148)

A cross between a mango salad and jelly fish - a decent appetizer actually.


Fried Rice, Minced Fish, Yunnan Ham. Egg, Spring Onion (HKD 128 per person)

A flat tasting fried rice, if it were even fried at all. Delicate flavours of ginger perfumed every bite but it was lacking somehow. Almost like mui fan, only better.

Unfortunately, the bar was set so high than Man Wah has loads of catching up to do. Not quite worth the michelin star prices I'd say.

Man Wah
Mandarin Oriental

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