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潮成園 @ Mongkok, Hong Kong

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I love discovering random eateries in my travels though the nazi in me wishes my meal plans are properly scheduled with bookings. So this was entirely out of the plan given the overly filling lunch we had. Infact, we walked close to 5 streets from the hotel before deciding.


It felt like a friendly neighbourhood joint that was largely patronized by regulars. Meet the chef behind a menu that offers mostly beef. The chef in question was the tanned muscle man who busied himself nonstop and single handedly churned out bowls of steaming hot goodness.


Fried Fish Skins

So crunchy, this could replace keropok for ultimate shiokness - except this packed more flavour and bite.


Blanched vegetables is such a staple on the menu in any restaurant in Hong Kong. I'm beginning to appreciate them blanched than stir fried.


More blanched greens with the plate of beef rice.


I'd have expected this to be rubbery given its colour but it was tender and so tasty. Just this and rice made a comforting meal on its own. For sure this was no wagyu but there was alot of heart in the cooking skills, tasted just like how it would be from the kitchen's of my mom.


Plus it came with soup too! Chicken stock topped with seaweed. Simple hearty goodness.


And this beef brisket soup noodles that I usually do not order. It must have been the influx of hongkong dramas that I flood myself with - just like their convenience store siew mais and curry fishballs.

Just like our meepok except heaps better without the alkaline taste, umami in the broth and those tender beef brisket pieces.

Whilst they specialised in handmade beef balls, we tried everything else and I am bummed I did not get to try those balls.

"You could've ordered a combination off the menu and the chef would cook it, you know?"

Right, thanks after I slurped my bowl clean.

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