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Roll @ Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui


Consistently ranked tops in the chart of favourites in Openrice, Roll was one of those places I was really keen to check out. Froyo has taken Hongkong by storm, quite nearly. Quite like Yami, Roll's froyo has a range of toppings to choose from. Green tea mochi and brownies seem to be the hottest favourites but I opted for the normal mochi instead. Go for the green tea only if you're a fan of green tea.

wall of goodies

Roll, works on the concept of cute. Like cosmaids, the shop is manned by kawaii teenybopper girls clad in cute aprons with large doeful eyes and the gentlest of voices. The kind you cannot bare to reject or say no to. They urge you to try their froyo with any topping of your choice, providing samples too.


My regular cup of froyo with mochi toppings (HKD 26) was like what netizens say "unlike the usual frozen yogurt", creamier, richer and definitely a close alternative to icecream. The slight sourish aftertaste was the only tell tale sign of its yogurt origins, otherwise it could very well pass off as fruit icecream.

black sesame roll

Roll also indulges its patrons with macarons and swissrolls. I had to give their best seller black sesame and charcoal swiss roll (HKD 10) a try! Made using charcoal powder, these were reminiscent of the Black Gold Pineapple Tarts from Home Favourite. The dense black sesame was insanely fragrant! The consistency of swiss roll was airy yet dense to bite. Lathered with sweetened cream, I was all ready for the make-believe treadmill exercise thereafter!

It is a no brainer why Roll is consistently top of the pops, if only I spared time for yet another visit.

41C-D Granville Road
Tsim Sha Tsui

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  1. Guess what phoebe? I've just made your black sesame swiss roll my desktop background lol. Looks crazily delicious!

  2. *awwwww* *flattered* it IS crazily delish! darn, if only someone cld lug back some for me.