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Tea Plus @ Near St Paul's Ruins

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famous tea plus

Hard to miss on a bustling senado square of Macau, the banner is so huge and attention grabbing. It could have been the pork chop bun I was craving so bad for...

flowers over boys pork chop bun

The snippet from "Boys over Flowers" with the uber cute Kim Hyung Joong and Goo Hye Sun being put on repeat. Yes, I stood there for a good 2 minutes watching the replay.

take 1

A fussfree queue system; place your order, pay up and wait for your order to be served. At first glance, the pork chop looked a tad too brown, looked more like beef steak than pork chop.

take 2

I suppose the supplier of their bread is the same, the same toasty kind as Tai Lei's. Everything came to a halt after the first bite.

Too salty and overprocessed limp pork chop. Disappointing to the extent, I wonder how Kim Hyung Joong managed with the numerous retakes and possibly countless buns. To think the Korean media bestowed this "ma-si-sseo-sseo-yo" (yummy in korean)!

Riding on the fame of the once popular Korean drama can only get the stall so far. A can-be-missed pork chop bun, Tai Lei Loi Kei's anytime!

Tea Plus
Near St Paul's Ruins

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  1. Had this pork chop bun at the same stall and I agree with you.. The meat was really salty and overall it was quite disappointing! :(

  2. overhyped! it's always a no harm trying but never again. :)