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Kee Wah Pineapple Shortcake

kee wah pineapple short cake

One of my must eat and buy every single time I'm in Hongkong.
Nothing fanciful, nothing elaborate...
 Just an inglorious snack.

Buttery and crumbly the snack falls apart to reveal a gelatinous pineapple paste.

Now why didn't I lug home more!

Kee Wah

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  1. I bought these on each of my trips to Hong Kong! From the same place too, no less!

  2. Im missing them SOOOO bad! They would replace our pineapple tarts so perfectly! ;p

  3. Craving pineapple shortcakes now! URGHHH! Didn't buy any on my trip!

  4. Yikes! Just tried this today. So not nice. :/ This tasted more like wintermelon shortcake to me. Sunnyhills' pineapple shortcake is miles miles much better. In fact, the filling here tasted like the wintermelon paste in lao po bing, the pineapple paste contains wintermelon. Are the Taiwanese pineapple shortcakes you bought in Taiwan really different from their HK counterparts? hehe I'm going to get some Chia Te's pineapple shortcakes soon!

  5. hahahahah that's cos you already had tw pineapple cakes...the hk counterparts are less outstanding...more jammy than the taiwanese ones. Enjoy Chia Te!!