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Lau Sum Kee Noodles @ Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong


It became a day of wanton mee after Ho To Tai and Lau Sum Kee was next on the list. Sham Shui Po like Yuen Long is a residential area. Located along a whole stretch of eateries, distraction is maximum and I could actually have a food trail just walking around. There are two outlets for Lau Sum Kee and this particular outlet is its flagship - no aircon, terribly squeezy and frequented by locals only.


A short queue formed but moved really quickly.


I wish these glass bottled never get phased out, certainly makes drinking soft drinks an entire experience on its own.


Placed on each table is a jar of their home made pickled radish. Refreshing, light and so good! Sharing of tables is unavoidable here and so is sharing of the table condiments.

We were sitted next to a lady who is a frequent patron and she struck conversation with us sharing which dishes are worth trying - all it seems.


This bowl of wantons in a broth so richly coloured turned out to be the bestest bowl ever ever ever eaten. As exaggerated as it sounds, I do not want to know how long the pot was not cleaned nor how long the broth has been over the fire - it was all of sweet and savoury with chives that made this so hearty! The wantons were another legacy of its own.


Prawns, pork and a secret ingredient of shrimp roe made this mamma mia kind of delicious. As compared to Ho To Tai's this was pure genius. One up methinks.


蝦子薑蔥鵝腸撈麵 ($39)
Goose Intestines

Lau Sum Kee specialises in innards with wanton mee, as seen from the other options on the menu that includes the black fungus-like stuff that are actually 黑柏葉.

I was slightly disappointed with the bamboo pressed noodles that were seemingly more commercial in taste as compared to HTT. The amount of shrimp roe tossed into a single plate were really generous though and the slivery goose intestines were like chewy jelly.

I would return just for the wantons and a blast from the past.

Lau Sum Kee Noodles (劉森記麺家)

48 Kweilin Street (Main)
80 Fuk Wing Street (Branch)
Sham Shui Po Hong Kong

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