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One Sushi @ Mongkok

one sushi

I'm not sure what propelled me past the dimsum banners and brought me to a Japanese sushi chain, the equivalent of Sakae Sushi in Hongkong.

conveyor belt

Conveyor belt sushi?


I settled for Uni Sushi instead. HKD 35, I had absolutely nothing bad to say about this. Creamy the way the gourmets describe, sea urchin sushi's my new favourite now!

uni sushi

Not the bestest sushi eaten in Hongkong but it satiated my appetite for uni.

salmon trio

Salmon sushi done three ways. The long sliver of salmon sat so dainty on the ball of rice, each was fresh and sinewy to bite.

rainbow roll

Greedy me had to give sea urchin another go! Opted for the rainbow roll instead for the best of all worlds - salmon, sea urchin and caviar. This was unfortunately the least exciting of the lot.

If I had to remember something about Sushi One, it's probably sea urchin and how it's gotten its hold on me now.

Sushi One
1/F, Grand Tower
639 Nathan Road
Mong Kok

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