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Bellini Lounge @ Venetian Casino

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I was half tempted to forgo at least HKD100 for a gamble at their opulent casino. Afterall, there was no entrance fee imposed and there was a nano of a chance I could have walked away richer.Then I heard, someone's relative bombed SGD500 in one seating and had to call for help in the wee hours of the morning. Being totally risk averse, I rather blow the puny sum on drinks at the bar.

Talk about how the poor gets poorer and the rich only richer.

Apologies for the lousy photos, the colours turned out blue no matter what. It was a blue evening anyway, complete with jazz music for company with their resident band that starts playing at 10pm nightly.

I had their signature Belini Martini, a lovely concoction of lychee liqueur and vodka. Then moved on to finishing my company's horridly acidic regular Martini and shared a mocktail version of Pina Colada. Throughout which, I chomped through so many bowls of must have been the music that I hardly could connect with.

The only highlight had to be the hilarious caucasians in the next table who dragged everyone up to the dancefloor for a wiggle or two.

Prices start from SGD 12 per drink, miles cheaper than here at least!

Bellini Lounge
Venetian Casino

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