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Lucky Dessert @ Mongkok

lucky dessert store

It was purely by chance that I stumbled upon Lucky Dessert. In the last trip, I had every intention to visit it. At an ungodly hour of one-ish in the morning, I was close to hyperventilating when I found it.

mango ice

Mango and Strawberry on Chinese Herbal Jelly (HKD 31)

The fruity puree was refreshing but the grass jelly cubes embedded within made this an interesting match.

durian glutionous rice

Top Grade Durian in Sticky Rice Roll (HKD 38)

A self declared anti-durian fan but Lucky Dessert's durian dessert is hard to resist. It's so good...I returned just for this! Queer saying this but I thought durian was a Malaysia-Singapore specialty but for Hongkong to get it so says volumes.

The chewy glutinous rice roll was simply mochi-licious, paired with the King of Fruit...say hooray to the King of Dessert. Its pungent, rich durian paste makes every stinky burp worthwhile.

durian roll

The first attempt at Honeymoon Dessert was not a favourite. I thought it was the combination.


The mango alternative did not fare wildly better with the copious amounts of whipped cream, mango and bland crepe skin.

mango sago

Mango Sago

This becomes associated with Hongkong, oddly. My main grouse, if only the pomelo was more ripe or sweet! This was a tad bitter but otherwise, still a favourite.

banana crepe

Banana Puff Rolls (HKD 35)

This took two attempts to get right since it was sold out during the first visit. A 15 minute wait is necessary. Light filo pastry with bananas and chocolate sponge, I loved how ethereally light this was. Made dessert sinless and guiltless. 

Lucky Dessert is my kind of 2amdessertbar. Unforgettable in every sense. Even so for the crowds that pack its outlets.

Lucky Dessert
G/F, 25-27 Soy Street, Mong Kok

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