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Nam Loong Cafe @ Keswick Street, Hong Kong

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The story of Nam Loong goes back to the 1960s where the original owner, Ng Yuen-Fat started off his humble story at  a small dai pai dong in Shau Kei Wan selling milk tea and toast. Soon, profits were reaped and he was able to afford a proper shop and today, it has been bought over by one of his loyal fans.


In short, the legacy has lived on in the form of a mod cafe that tries to marry both the past and present in its fittings and menu.



Breakfast Deluxe (HKD 40)
American Hot Dog, Ham Omelette, Instant Noodles with Spicy Diced Pork and Sliced Abalone


Great value for the hungry, it never fails to amaze me the number of versions of instant noodles there are available. This version was clearly straight out of tin cans but who cares when it was hearty and really delicious.

Strangely, the american hot dog was pretty good too, complete with relish and a sweet roll.


Omelette with Ham and Bread (HKD 28)


I was almost bummed when I forgot to mention to change my omelette to a sunny side and my ham just fried. But this was just as well - a typical Hong Kong breakfast. I loved the wafer thin omelette that was quite separate from its evenly cut ham slices and that onion bun - it was fragrant and dense like an artisanal bun.


Milk tea was really ordinary here but it has great vibes, from the pseudo 1960s ambience it tries to recreate with bird cage lamps and mozaic tiles.

Nam Loong Cafe
1-G/F., 1-3 Keswick Street

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