Monday, August 31, 2009

許留山 Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert @ Tsim Sha Tsui, Hongkong

許留山 is another Hongkong signature that lines the streets, nearly every turn gets you an outlet...that's how impressively accessible they are!

The crowds even nearing midnight.

Mango Platter (HKD 38), looks quite huge in portions? On the small side but was a reasonable size for supper. I love platters, the best of all worlds.

Mango glutinous ball with mango slices. The glutinous ball is much like ondeh ondeh, just that the dough was just normal, not the usual fragrant and smooth ondeh ondehs.

Mango dessert soup with mochi. The mochi was disappointing, not QQ but dense. The dessert soup was lacking in taste, rather bland.

A clear favourite, mango sorbet with chewy clear jelly!




  1. Tried their yoghurt drink and the curry fish ball & squid...

    The drink was quite sweet but I do like the mini glutinous balls, these little ones that comes with the drinks are even better than the tapioca pearls in bubble tea... Very Chewy...

    Oh my, running through your HK entries remind me that I need another trip soon... Work is just so monotonous :(

  2. curry fish ball at Hui Lau Shan??

    I always think I need another visit back to HK...sucha irresistible foodie's haven! I'll never forget eating gui lin gao at 12 midnite and the streets are still packed with pple!

    maybe Harris' suggestion of a year end trip to Hk could be possible...*winks*

  3. Yah, they have this curry dish with fish ball, squid, turnip and I can't remember, 4 items in total...

    But we didn't have the camera with us as we are trying to get ourselves to shop... Imagine mounting a tripod right smack at Ladies Market... Also we were worried about pickpockets...

  4. heh...yeah mounting a tripod and with the flash you guys have..risky risky! But I think ladies market's awesome for street photography, a side of hk's that ever so charming.