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Ocean Empire @ HK Airport

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Feeling peckish, the original intent was to indulge in dimsum before I waved my final goodbye to Hongkong. Despite being at the airport more than 2 hours before departure, I was still hard pressed for time and a laundry list of things to buy...still! Talk about being the perfect ambassador for Hongkong Tourism Board.

The company were tucking into their steaming bowls of porridge while I headed for the unhealthy alternatives.

xo carrot cake


Swimming in oil, I have to shamelessly admit I loved the crispy fried parts best. The equally oily dollop of balachan upped the yum factor by notches. Who cares two hoots about the lack of carrot in carrot cake when it's deep fried.

zha leong


More than decent! It amazes me how the fried doughstick doesn't get soggy from being drenched in sauces. If I could add, this was one of the better ones of the trip. At least the ricesheet roll was cooked, unlike Tim Ho Wan...neither did it have an odd smell like Lin Heung's.

Ocean Empire
Arrivals Meeters and Greeters Hall, Level 5

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