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Tai Cheong Egg Tarts Revisited @ Lydhurst Terrace, Central

10:24 AM , 9 Comments

Nary a disappointment with the familiar buttery crust and smothering fragrance.

a bite of tai cheong
The awesomest wobbly egg custard.
I'd sin over and over and over again, in a heartbeat.

Tai Cheong, when will I see you again?

Tai Cheong
Lydhurst Terrace
Central, Hongkong

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. I.N.E.E.D.T.H.I.S.E.G.G.T.A.R.T.N.A.O. hahaha no longer a WANT. It's a NEED!

  2. ABSOLUTELY! Miss tai cheong's like mad. :( someone bring in the franchise!

  3. hmmm... I read some blogs featuring the flaky crust Tai Cheong's egg tart and said it's nothing great. There are 2 kinds? This one is shortcrust.

  4. flaky crust?? not that ive encountered any at tai cheong...

  5. I'm eating Tai Cheong's egg tart now hahahaha. Bought a dozen! It's really mega yummy when I ate it piping hot from the oven at the shop YUMMERZ! I also bought alot of goodies from there hehe.

    I actually prefer Honolulu Coffee House's flaky egg tart. It's ZOMG!!!! Must try Phoebe! Egg tart heaven swoons... Totally regret not buying more sobs. :(

  6. ;) finally you get my taicheong craze! I cldnt track honolulu down! :(

  7. I got Honolulu's egg tarts from their newer outlet at Stanley Street. Egg tart was super delish but polo bao was blah.

  8. Oh yes the 沙翁 is mega yummy too! The coconut egg crepe that I bought is also yums.

  9. 沙翁's the sugar donut? i only head for egg tarts. haha..probably try the rest out next time!