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Caprice @ Four Seasons Hotel, Central

caprice, four seasons

The story of doing a michelin-starred meal in Hongkong went back months before the trip. If only I had more time, I'd have attempted this over a weekend. Caprice is one of the two with three michelin stars to its name in Hongkong. Weekend lunches include 3 choices for dessert and a champagne. That, would have been ooh-la-la chichi. I had the lovely luck and pleasure to have the perfect company of my dearest hk gf! Company truly matters.

This post was not originally intended to sound like a chapter off the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella (who coincidentally or not happens to be one of my favourite authors for frivolous reads). Read on if it interests.

The drama before this meal happened to belong to the episode of the highly publicised and commented on "Lanvin feat H&M" collection launch. After much seems like and I'd prefer to summarize it as "victorious", I was huffing and puffing my way to Four Seasons Hotel, looking very much like a wreck. As if I just walked out of a catfight, there's some truth to it anyhow.

10 seconds in the lift, I was trying my darndest to look better. Lift door opens and I find myself at the door of Caprice. The lady at the door was most gracious and sweet to take my precious bulky paper bag from me to safekeep while I dined.

furry menu

Furry leather bound menus.


I took awhile to enjoy the surroundings. The chandeliers are freaking huge! I could barely contain the excitement.

hongkong harbour view

The hazy view of Hongkong. Caprice was nearly full for lunch even at 130pm.


Complimentary amuse bouche of pistachio bread on skewers. Uber chic.

pistachio financier

Savoury Canele Bordelaise I call it. It had a muffin texture with salted pistachios.

bread basket

The breadbasket made its round and I picked baguette and the puff pastry for a start.


Netizens rave about their twin buttery salted towers. I can't discern them both but they are luscious.


Both breads exhibited different textures. The roll had a crusty exterior with soft bread within. The baguette brought me to Paris.The doughy chewy bread that I miss so every now and then. So gratifying, I made sure I had repeats of it.


Appetizer of Japanese Scallops a la Planche, Oriental Lentils in Cucumber and Yogurt Cream. The bed of lentils looked like a mini garden of its own with lentils reminiscent of soil and the baby herbs and tomatoes as plants. Savoury delight it was, I actually do love lentils.

pink scallop

Seared to a babylicious hue of pink, these scallops were as good as they can get.


My mains of Stewed Lamb Shoulder, Mash Potato, Young Carrots and Green Olives. Loved the spring colours of yellow, green and orange used.

In all its tenderness, the flavour was full but I fell pray to stewed meat once again. It did taste like a homemade stew at points.

Garoupa Fillet, Fondant Chestnut, Sauteed Pork Belly and Celery Root
Loved the oriental touches of this with garoupa and pork belly. Things were kept simple without the usual fanciful emulsion nor reductions. Both the fish and pork were well done but lacked a certain finer touch we both expected.
 pear tart

Caramelised Apple Tart, Cinnamon Mousse and Green Apple Sorbet

Green apple was so intense, as if an entire green apple went into that scoop of sorbet. The mousse could be easily mistaken for mascarpone though. My heart was completely sold on the apple tart. This apple tart had the sourness of a lemon tart which awakened the senses quite abit. Loved how it came together in sour harmony without coming across as acidic.
pineapple crumble

Fresh Pineapple, Yuzu Cream, Coconut Crumble and Pina Colada Sorbet
Dressed so pretty in a martini glass, I could not help but ask if the salt crystals beneath could be eaten. Pina Colada is one of my favourite cocktails next to Martinis and Caiprinhas, Caprice captured the lovely coconut flavour in the sorbet. Coconut resonates rather strongly in this dessert but does not cloy the palette. Crispy crumbles with sharp accents of yuzu, I'm mighty loving this!

Both desserts were the most outstanding of the meal, particularly the sorbets.

Petit Fours of financiers with chocolate fondant.
petit fours

Buttery and dense, these financiers brought the meal to a complete circle. We began with french pastries and ended it off nicely with the same.


And of course, the usual cuppa tea.

Service is attentive and polite throughout. The waiter patiently indulged us with several table shots of us fickle pickles, and one of the few times a waiter knew how to manage the camera!

I probably was not as impressed as the rest of the Caprice fans out there, it was a pleasant lunch undoubtably. Reservations are a must, even for lunch.

As I waltzed out with the most coveted paperbag of the season, the waiter gave me the eye and commented "Nice". I knew in my gut he wished he was there with the hundreds jostling over for something, at least.

HKD 450, 3 courses

Level 6
Four Seasons Hotel

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