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Fogo Samba @ Venetian

fogo samba

Breakfast vouchers at Venetian give you a choice of three breakfast outlets: Fogo Samba, Cafe Deco and some pub. This suits long stay travellers who intend to stay for long and not have to eat the same spread day in day out. I had a family friend who put up at a hotel for months and he got so sick of the buffet spread that repeated itself like a broken recorder week after week.

We checked out Fogo Samba because the pub seemed boring.

christmasy interior

A christmasy feel to the buffet table. It was a tad too dim for breakfast though very cosy. Spread was quite limited as compared to the neverending options at Cafe Deco. At least I did not have to jostle with a bunch of perpetually hungry diners!

bread basket

Loading up on the carbs for a long day ahead! Nothing too wow that deserves a second helping though. The sandwiches were perhaps left out too long, the texture was too coarse.

grilled brekkie items

Whilst waiting for my omelette, I smelled something great barbequeing. Though the writeup of the restaurant did mention the inclusion of Churrascaria being a specialty, I did not expect it to be part of the breakfast spread! Seeing a pudgy guy go round with a skewer was scent-tationalizing.

Barbequed Chicken

Holysmokes good! Tender succulent meat with a lovely smokey finish.

Barbequed Pineapple

Honeyed goodness, I loved the crispy sugared layer that gave way to the juiciest pineapple. I normally do not enjoy fruits preserved or cooked but these were amazing. 

Barbequed Sausage

I'm beginning to believe that anything barbequed tastes extraordinarily good. Fat, plump and overflowing with juices...sausages never tasted better.

I've not had the chance to try out Brazilian barbeque before but this was a great start to it! These smelt so good, I was all perked up. Works wonders, like caffeine for coffee addicts.


Another shot of the yummylicious.

The only live station available was cholesterol laden - Eggs, any style you want and assuming they understood. Poached, scrambled, sunny side up, fried, omelette...

I had mine with ham, cheese and smoked salmon.Honestly, I've not had a bad egg fry up before from a live station at least.

indian items

Word has it that Venetian's clientele makes up of mostly Indian nationals and I suppose this is partly why Indian cuisine was incorporated into the buffet spread. Chickpeas, samosas stuffed with vegetables and some curry. Nothing too authentic here.


Dessert consisted of a table of bundt cakes in various flavours. You either love or hate it.

bundt cakes

Orange and raspberry for me. Moist butter cake with a pleasant finish.

Breakfast at Fogo Samba was more than sufficient and fulfilling to start the day with. A lovely experience indeed! Between this and Cafe Deco's, I say...Fogo Samba!

Fogo Samba

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  1. Even the barbecued chicken looks tandoori-like! But looks juicy and good mmm

  2. those pineapples were amazing.

  3. @ harris: now that you mentioned! haha, i shd've just piled my plate high with them and not bothered with the rest. :P

    @ xinli: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, absolutely. I miss them now.