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Pastelaria Koi Kei (鉅記餅家)

koi kee

Ubiquitous Koi Kee is a must buy in Macau. From Venetian to Ah Ma Temple to St Paul's Ruins...they are everywhere and always packed with tourists. The maindraw of Koi Kee is the generous samples they dish out to every walk-in customer. Walking out hungry is never an option.

I had my fair share of sampling and contributing to their ringing cash registers.

koi kei box

almond cookies

Almond Cookies (MOP 90 at Venetian, MOP 70 at the other attractions)

Never doubt Koi Kei when they insist they are the best. Made entirely from beans, I was surprised lard was not included yet the same fullness was tasted. Liked that this wasn't too sweet, unlike Choi Fung Yuen, another famed export.

stack of phoenis rolls

phoenix roll mess

Phoenix Rolls (MOP

Available in a range of flavours (Pork floss, Curry pork floss, Seaweed, Black Sesame, Original), I was half tempted to lug back these crumbly wafers in two flavours. The Original are stuffed generously with grated coconut which causes a horrible mess but, worth the mess.

crunchy peanut candy

Peanut Candy

Koi Kei also prides itself as the peanut candy specialist. Crunchy cubes of candies, the family loved it to bits.On the sweet side but the sweet tooth ain't complaining!


Almond Flake Cookies

Promoted as a bestseller, I can easily see why. The sugar crusted almond layer is crunchy while the layers beneath are flaky and crispy. A snack with so much depth, yum!

I was made a sucker at Venetian...what was I thinking when I naively thought uniformity of prices acrossboard. It IS Venetian for crying out loud. Prices are generally MOP 20 more expensive, by the way. That would save alot of lugging, assuming you stayed at Venetian.

koi kee portugese tarts

The famous that I could not resist, especially spotting them roasting in the warmer.
pocket of portugese egg tart

Packed in little satchets...I held onto it gingerly. At a pocket friendly MOP 5, these were snapped up with each batch of tourists that swarm the shophouse.


Oilier than Lord Stow's, the tart base is reminiscent of a good Chicken Pie base. The same complex layers was replicated here too. Not too bad a measure up against Lord Stow's I say!
It is ambitious leaving empty handed at any of their outlets. Temptations galore yet Koi Kei is quite a master of its own, the various snack ranges are equally outstanding!

Pastelaria Koi Kei (鉅記餅家)

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