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新五龍粥麵茶餐廳 @ Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

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If stumbling upon new eats is a cliche, we literally stumbled upon this after Man Mo Cafe closed earlier than they officially state and my slipper actually snapped by the roadside with the string of pearls scattered all over - how glam I say.

Reaching Hong Kong past 8pm is not my idea of fun since it spells a day wasted but that was really the case and in this city that I thought never sleeps, we actually had trouble finding food at 11pm.


Everything on the menu was available even at 11!


Advert posters.


We had the luxury of a four seater between both of us, I cannot imagine having to share a table so late into the night. Anyhow, the drawer of cutlery was pulled out and it amused me - how much order they had and I can only imagine them running amok when it was peak period over a pair of chop sticks if they were not available at the tables.


Chilli sauce that I grew to love this trip, bean paste chilli sauce with a tinge of spiciness.


Of all things, I actually craved for a pork chop bun (HKD 16). Sweet soft bun buttered over a grill sandwiching a juicy pork chop.


Bittergourd and beef rice (HKD 42) proved to be the most comforting supper at that hour when all shops were already closed. I don't think I ever thought of bittergourd beef rice as one of my top choices for supper but this, was meal changing to some extent. Homecooked and so very hearty.


Handwritten orders, a thing of the past somehow. I hope these traditions do not give way to technology.

To our surprise, this eatery actually topped a couple of food listings online and I can imagine the breakfast and lunch crowds here. Hidden gem, uncovered!


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