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Burgerroom @ Fashion Walk, Hong Kong

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I love my burgers with a vengeance, a shameless confession too of eating with my bare hands is my greatest satisfaction - juices dripping all over and the first ten seconds of pure wordless bliss has to be the best feeling next to having molten egg yolk custard drool all over my fingers for that slurpworthy moment.


Food porn, at its finest.

It took me quite a number of visits to finally decide to shave off time for gourmet burgers in Hong Kong. I had a ton of choices - Burgerroom, The Butchers Club Burgers, Blue Butcher and the list continues. We decided on Burgerroom by virtue of location and still spent a great deal of time sussing out Fashion Walk - not to be mistaken for Festival Walk.

We literally sniffed our way around the corner to the doorsteps of Burgerroom and thankfully, none of the ridiculous queues in sight. Infact, I walked in straight and still had to squeeze with another couple when the restaurant was clearly empty. The other couple decided that four was a crowd and abandoned the shared table for the bar tables.



Foie Gras Beef Burger (HKD 158)

I blame my persistence with foie gras and burgers and recount the last couple of ill-fated encounters mainly with Db Bistro.

Even the americans could not get it right, what more the non-americans.

On that note, I was still full of hopes for my foie gras burger. Standing tall with open faced buns, a charred patty and a foie gras chunk pierced with a satay stick. By right, this should have been a glorious display of grease, oomph and juices. But it was none of that, patty barely pink, foie gras bore a mild metallic taste and the rest I leave it to the fries to satisfy. 


Double Decker (HKD 120)


The arithmetic is simple - Double the portions, double the joy.  In this case, double the portions and triple the dissatisfaction. Even the usual beef machine had problems chowing through the thick burger. And we were profusely confused with the supposedly popular joint.

What had gone wrong?


Melted Cheese Fries (HKD 48)

I should have spotted signs of trouble with an overly salty melted cheese fries, this even KFC's nacho cheese fries would have been a meaner effort.


Portobello on Green (HKD 58)

Portobello usually sets things all right for me and it was barely grilled, overwhelming in size and came with enough greens for us to call it a day.


So, sorry...Burgerroom did not work for me. Like an ex that was clearly a mismatch from the start.

Shop D, G/F, 50-56 Paterson Street
Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay

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