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Db Bistro Moderne Revisted @ Marina Bay Sands

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Revisit made to Db Bistro partly because the companion has yet to try their famous burgers and I was interested to check out their ala carte items which are apparently better than their burgers. Major irony here!


The restaurant that started out three quarts filled and proceeded straight to fulhouse.


Breadbasket to kick start the night. Blown away by the selection. Crusty baguette, amazing pretzel and rye bread. Personal favourite goes to the unassuming pretzel, smells remarkable and peeling open the pretzel was absolutely a surprise. Watching butter melt into the bread was therapeutic, savouring the buttered pieces was heaven on earth. Loved the texture and right amount of salt used. Doubles and triples I think!


The mains took quite a while to arrive and I engaged in people and/or food watching. Their seafood platters and burgers are the most ordered items off the menu. As much as I would have loved to indulge in one with delicious looking crustaceans balanced delicately, at almost $150 for a platter on ice, I just did not make that call ultimately.


The Original db Burger ($38)
Sirloin Burger Filled with Braised Short Ribs & Foie Gras Served on a Parmesan

A tad dry as expected though grilled to the specific doneness. Sent it back to the kitchen and true enough, it returned better greased and not so dry – a tradeoff for a more sinful meal. I am still not sold on the burger, regardless what the rest say. Perhaps it is really the price tag hovering with every bite. Maybe their cheaper burgers would not invite that much dissonance. That being said – bland parmesan bun with greasy beef-short rib-foiegras chunk and relish still does not make the cut for a $45 burger, taxes included.


Once a disappointment, twice still a disappointment.


New Orléans Casserole ($38)
Mussels, Clams, Pork Sausage, Bluefoot Mushrooms, White Wine, Garlic Fries

An iron pan filled with shell fish, deconstructed sausages and kayle, I was pleased as punch. Flavours well executed and nailed. The broth was too tasty to miss and not try to mop up with bread. Fresh mussels too, I am so sold on their seafood. Seafood platter does not seem such a distant dream afterall!


Garlic fries that left me not much to shout about.


Complimentary madeleines were kindly served up. I did not quite believe the reviews on the portion of this – twenty bite-sized madeleines fresh off the oven and sprinkled with icing sugar. Unbeatable buttery fragrance! Loved the zesty finish with every bite. Perfect dinner after eights. 

Service oscillates between attentive and laxed depending on server whose attention I caught. Blown away by seafood but floored by the burger, I need to choose my mains more wisely next time.

Yes, it is hilarious even that they do everything else but their burgers  better when all the attention has been placed on the burgers to date.

dB Bistro
Marina Bay Sands

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