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San Hou Lei bakery cafe (新好利咖啡饼店) @ Taipa

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birds nest tart shop

Not too far away from the famous Pork Chop Buns is a stretch of eateries which would fit "Food Street" to a T. This particular cafe is the equivalent of a Cha Chan Teng with old fashioned benches and tea time snacks like buns and tarts. One of which that I had my eyes and heart on...Bird Nest Tart (MOP 10).

birds nest tart fresh!

Fresh off the bakery in the next shophouse, shop helpers would sporadically replenish the bakery items with trays and trays. I had mine warm and freshly made. The butter pastry layers gave way to a sweet molten filling.


Deciphering if the bird nest was shreds or real was definitely not on the agenda. This tart was crazily well made! Like egg white, the filling wobbled and threatened to lose its balance and spill over.


This, I insist is what you should visit Macau for. Portugese egg tarts are but a smoke screen for this incredible find.

San Hou Lei Bakery Cafe

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  1. I'm jealous of your HK eats! I won't mind exchanging my box of of PH's macarons to be in your place hehe.

  2. Can't agree more that this place has great egg tarts - both portuguese and bird's nest. Their pork buns and milk tea are frist rate too :)

  3. @ ice: SURE???

    @ PY: aHHHH, shd've given their pork buns a go too! :(