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Tsui Wah @ Victoria Peak

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The visit to Victoria Peak was probably the only touristy thing I did over the trip, once again forgoing Avenue of Stars for the umpteenth time! Chilly temperatures that the psuedo winter jacket could not shield me from, I took shelter in Tsui Wah!

menu card

This outlet is relatively more upmarket (given it's location....doh!)

boiled veggies

Seasonal greens to go with the company's fishball noodles. The presentation amused me somehow.

pork chop bun tsui wah

The Pork Chop Bun I once raved socks and mittens over.Tsui Wah @ The Peak had fries to go with it, making this more of a burger than a regular snack. Not too sure if I'm liking the change. It could have been the numerous macau pork chop buns that I have been stuffing myself with, it no longer tasted that great afterall. Just like a burger, this was a quickfix to a long term craving.

I'll probably give the downtown outlets another try the next time I'm there. This particular outlet isn't the best way to experience Cha Chaan Teng culture in Hongkong.

Tsui Wah
Victoria Peak

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