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Pie & Tart @ Tsim Sha Tsui

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10 years ago

History has it that the first visit to Hongkong had me nuts about Pie and Tart. Those were the days where dimsum was just lil blobs of handmade food which honestly did not strike a chord with me. Only these western delights. I remember clamouring for the instant pies and tarts and even insisting the Dad pack his suitcase full of them during his business trips.

the familiar

A full decade later, I chanced upon them the very same spot!

once again, milk tart!

Milk Tart was the calling though they do mean pasta pies too! A tart version of 双皮奶 (though I'm no fan of it as the powder milk taste was too heavy) with a molten liquid milky center and crumbly tart.

 milk tart

This is as good as it gets, I lament the lack of chance at molten custard paus BUT the trade off for molten tarts is undeniably satisfying. I trotted down the street with my hands greased, mouth dirtied with crumbs...I barely bothered. Next to Tai Cheong's egg tarts, I'm afraid I've found yet another sin heaven.

Pie and Tart
Near Park Hotel
Tsim Sha Tsui

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  1. Sobs I SWEAR I'm eating this milk tart(S) up on my next visit! Soon I hope!

    Hmm... I think this outlet is the one at Granville Road, not the one at Cameron Road near Park Hotel.