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La Boheme Bakery @ Sai Ying Pun MTR, Hong Kong

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The best thing about MTR stations in Hong Kong is there are shops located within and outside the station itself and take would help for a quick takeaway - how convenient! If I were trapped at the station because of the rain, going hungry or thirsty is not an option.

Maxim's are usual tenants at most MTR stations and La Boheme at a select few. The Hubba remembers this as one of those childhood bakeries.


Corned beef with cheese sandwich, I would have expected more effort than extracting it straight from a can and smearing it on bread before topping it off with cheese. I would have done a better job on my own.


The cold luncheon meat bun was actually way better than the corned beef sandwich.

 Great for that by the way feed. Otherwise 7-11 would have better options.

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