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Urban Bakery @ Hysan Place, Hong Kong

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After A La Bakery, I found a renewed interest in croissants again. To think, I once thought France would be the only place that could entice me with their world famous pastry.

Urban Bakery is located within Jason's Place at Hysan Place, a great idea for those picking up late night dinners or groceries. It took us two visits since the first was when they were about to close and there was none of the amazing aromas wafting out of the oven.


Specializing in croissants, majority of their offerings revolved around the humble buttery pastry. Their croissants are on the dense side which makes eating them on the spot almost mandatory else face a horribly limp version later.


After 8pm, these are already packed for takeaway.


Croissant heaven is seeing them all stacked up in such a delicious shade of brown. The amount of stuffing each croissant can take is serious business. These crushed peanuts were spilling all over.


Peanut Butter Croissant (HKD 22)


Plumped with a thick peanut butter filling and doused in crushed peanuts, love your peanut butter or loathe this one.


Molten Croissant (HKD 22)


10 seconds in the microwave gets you a piping hot croissant with that lava custard drooling out of its crusty sides. I could exchange my molten custard pau just for this.


Ball Law Cowssant (HKD 23)


I have issues with originally savoury dishes reinterpreted in a sweet way, I could never accept a sweet bak chor mee. And I digressed. This is a creative marriage of both the pineapple bun and a croissant in one - croissant-bun layers topped with a sweet crust. I was one the fence about this, preferring the originals over this creation.


Eating clean, is not an option.


I was truly tempted by their savoury croissant sandwich options though - almost like Delifrance upscaled!

Urban Bakery
Hysan Place, Causeway Bay

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