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Foodcourt @ Venetian

You can hardly go hungry in Venetian, unless you're looking for a supermart which was almost non existent to find in Macau's main tourist spots. Even 7-11s are a rarity. Foodcourts are not exactly pocket friendly but definitely cheaper than restaurants.

HKD and MOP are used interchangeably though there is disparity in the currencies.

Gui Ling Bao
Lvl 3, Shop 2520

gui lin bao

I found the name cute enough to do a detour.

herbal jelly

HKD 98 has to be the priciest gui lin gao ever consumed. Portions are oh-my-god kind of small as well. I say it's a conspiracy but it is the case for theme parks, casinos and isolated resorts. Rip off.

Nary the familiar pungent herbal fragrance nor taste, this was a notch better than grass jelly but that was really all there is to it.

Ocean Empire Congee
Lvl 3, Shop 2501

mushroom ball congee

Mushroom Ball Porridge

Ordinary tum-warming stuff. The porridge was a tad watered down.

zha leong

Zha Leong in Macau! Overly salty sauce with limp cheong fun stuffed with chewy fried doughstick.

Memory fails me which stall this came from but the banner was screaming "Macau famous". 

pork chop bun

The first attempt of their famous pork chop buns. I say...f.o.r.g.e.t. i.t. Bread aside, consistent supplier after eating a couple of pork chop buns. The pork chop tastes like Farmland, only saltier.

I rather eat my heart's out at Lord Stow's than to bother with the foodcourt. There are of course other alternatives, try at your pocket's risk.


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  1. I love Fatburger at the Venetian foodcourt! Their triple patties, bacon, cheese and sunny side-up combo is upz!

  2. dang! i forgot to check ur blog for the macau reccomendations! was tempted but didn't try.