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Hoi Tin Tong Revisited @ Tsim Sha Tsui

bowls of herbal remedies

I took the trouble to find this outlet for my herbal jelly fix. 
Sitting alone gives you ample time to soak in the surroundings (as queer as that sounds).
People watch is what I always try to do in a different country, make an attempt at being local.

I watched the aunties busy themselves with cleaning, the counters to the tables to the signages outside.
I watched two people drop by to guzzle down bowls of herbal tea. See the bowls with glass lids?
On hindsight, I should've done just that too!

hoi ting tong

My tub of 龜苓膏 (HKD 50).
Smells so herbally-heavenly.
Take it neat or soak in honey.
Hongkong does it oh-so-best.

Hoi Tin Tong
Tsim Sha Tsui

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. What's the difference between this Fresh Herbal Jelly 龜苓膏 & Gui Ling Gow 龜苓胶 I see on their menu? 龜苓胶 is more expensive.

  2. I've honestly not encountered 龜苓胶 before but cld be a more concentrated version of 龜苓膏. U shd ask the honkie daniel lah!

  3. Daniel the honkie man says 龜苓胶 is more herbal-concentrated than 龜苓膏, and unlike 龜苓膏 which is jelly-like, 龜苓胶 is more like liquid medicine. 龜苓膏 is cheaper as it is mixed with other non-herbal content for mass market consumption. So if you want better health results, go for 龜苓胶. 龜苓胶 must be really bitter & potent then.

    Hmm... so which is better in your opinion? 海天堂 or 恭和堂 for 龜苓膏. I've got no time to try both, gotta make a wise choice.

  4. whoa....uve really done ur homework!?! Actually 海天堂 and 恭和堂 are just opp each other in tsim sha tsui..ok not opposite in that sense but within walking distance! If you really must pick, I say go for 海天堂!

  5. 海天堂 is everywhere! Quite a few near my hotel actually, think I'd go for 海天堂. Is the 龜苓膏 served hot or cold? Which one do you go for? I don't think I've tried the hot version of 龜苓膏 before.

  6. 龜苓膏 is usually eaten cold. quite strange to eat it hot imo.

  7. Never ate such good 龜苓膏 in my life. So herbalish I like it even without honey.