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SIN - HK - SIN: Cathay Pacific

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The inaugural trip to Hong Kong was sealed with a trip booked with Cathay Pacific, the pampered pooch in me still prefers a proper commercial flight to budget. Lucky me got bumped up to Premium Economy on the way there so - hurray to more leg room!


Peanuts for snacking before meal service starts - why can't these be in bigger portions though. Asking for two makes me look like a glutton already.


And noob is me getting all excited about the charging dock at the seat.


Chicken and potatoes just because I wasn't feeling rice. I would be lying if I said this looked appetizing because it was definitely far from it with a limp looking piece of chicken which coincidentally also reeked of its frozen origins. Mash was on the watery side.


Loved the bun and my strawberry icecream best.


On the way back, it was another no brainer pick of chicken and rice over vegetarian pasta. Almost like three cup chicken with a side of chap chye. Up in the air, this was a tasty treat.


Hooray for this Haagen Dazs flavour - mango and raspberry!


Mango icecream with raspberry swirls turned out looking like paddlepop but tasting really good. Who'd have thought mango and raspberry actually marry each other so well?

Hits and misses mid air, Cathay meals have seen better days but their entertainment trumps their food  now. 

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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