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Regal Airport Hotel @ Hong Kong

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It was my first time leaving Hong Kong at a bright and early 7am, though by normal standards I would consider this ridiculous. So anyhow, we had to take the first flight out and staying at the airport hotel made the most sense - I weighed in staying at a cheaper accomodation but we had to pay for cab and losing sleep or staying in the airport and paying more. So the verdict was, sleep was very precious and we booked in at Regal Airport.


Looking really grand and spacious all over!

The biggest plus point was its proximity to the airport terminal! We woke up, checked out and made our way there in 15 minutes flat.


Fortunately or unfortunately, the room was huge for HK standards and so was the bed - it seemed like Super King and I wish I had more time sleeping in it.


The coffee machine that we barely had time to brew ourselves a cuppa.


Amenities that I get all excited over.


Too many plugs must have been siphoned off.

The amenities were lacking though, very basic and the tub was rather old school. I even had issues flipping channels with a remote control that was sticky to touch - TMI I figured.

Otherwise, great for a comfy layover. We had serious problems waking up the following morning - the beds were really too comfy!

Regal Airport Hotel
Hong Kong Airport

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