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Hang Heung @ SOGO, Tsim Sha Tsui

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Hang Heung at ulu-ated Yuen Loong, the flagship store of the famed chain refrained me from lugging back their signature Wife's Biscuits. I'm definitely not going to bore one and all on the origins of Wife's Biscuits. When Hang Heung had a booth over Mid Autumn's and CNY, I remember stuffing myself silly with their egg rolls and going to the extent of having the gf lug some home for me. Their egg rolls are crumbly-mad-divine!

So, this time round lady luck was probably shining on me (after all the failed attempts at locating any of their franchises) when the tour guide decided (out of goodwill) not to earn my hard-earned moolah and shared with me one of their more accessible outlets. Here I am, sharing this piece of possibly "not new news" - They have a booth at SOGO, opposite Peninsula Hotel!!! No more figuring out where Yuen Loong is or even combing Causeway Bay for it, it's right smack at a very convenient SOGO! Located on the basement, very easy to miss since it is hidden in an obscure corner.

I have to narrate the drama that ensued thereafter. With 10 minutes to locate and grab my wife's biscuits or risk being late for the airport, I ran as fast as my legs could take me and the result of my actions? Two boxes of wife's biscuits nearly bashed up. Not complaining one bit.

hang heung wife biscuit

The flaky pastry and scummiest chewy winter melon filling is sheer decadence. I'm not sure how they do it but they do it so fine, it is no wonder they are tops for this particular pastry. With well moderated sweetness, the Wife Biscuit makes a perfect breakfast or snack item.

Move over Wing Wah for overcommercialised and over sweetened Wife's Biscuits, I do not need fanciful flavours...I need it authentic, just like Hang Heung's.

Hang Heung
Tsim Sha Tsui

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  1. Ha! The Causeway bay outlet is also at SOGO basement. =)

  2. Hey fellow hang heung lover :) there is a small outlet along the main nathan rd somewhere between yau ma tei and mong kok, same stretch as cali fitness centre! Me love its century egg tarts and have no wish to go yuen loong too!

  3. hi there! :) darn, should've asked around before i went hk! hee, i knw where the other outlets are!! thanks for the tip!

  4. Hang Heung is selling freshly baked egg tarts at the Taka fair. Did you try them? Smelt really nice! I tried Fancy Delight's pineapple milk balls and they are surprisingly very good!

  5. oh they are? I went passed the store but didn't spot them! oooh...fancy delight...shall find some time to make it to the fair!! dang, the mad gorging starteths..

  6. Hi, may i know how much does a box cost in HKD? tks,

  7. apologies...don't remember exactly! Definitely lesser than SGD 1 per piece!