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Kam's Roast Goose Revisited @ Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


We missed Kam's so much, we had to have it - the visit to Yat Lok only fuelled a stronger desire for their awesome possom roast geese. Universal word of advise - just go at odd hours for a table and not having to be hurried through your meal.


The emblem for to-die-for roast goose.


Blanched vegetables just for the fiber, I find them too soft somehow.


Goose Liver

Ah yes, that gamey, oily and intense preserved sausage - for just three slices I catapulted straight to heaven. Once again, foie gras versus preserved goose liver - the latter triumphs, a battle worth fighting the calories for.


Were we cursed or what, I do not know but at the bewitching hour of 5pm for dinner they actually "ran out of roast goose drumsticks" AGAIN. Is this the common ruse used by shops to egg customers to order half or a whole goose?

The thick noodles were not as chewy as Yat Lok's and pretty much tasted like trickshaw noodles - lacking in texture.


So there, we ordered half a goose with a supplement to ensure we got the bottom half of the goose - reads goose drumsticks alas!

That familiar crispy skin with a layer of melt in the mouth fats and that tender roast goose meat that makes my world go round in happiness. The one feature that makes their roast goose dish different from the rest lies in the chewy braised peanuts lining the bottom of the roast goose.

Kam's oh kam's, I cannot wait to be back already.

Kam's Roast Goose
226 Hennessy Rd

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