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Tasty Reminiscence (勁回味) @ Hung Hom, Hongkong

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Thanks to Openrice's monthly chart of readers' favourites, I found myself hunting down this hole in wall handroll specialist - it was definitely a case of blink and miss it. Infact we went round the building more than twice and nearly queued for the wrong shop before landing ourselves right at the door steps of Tasty Reminiscence.


Order and pay before a post it with my order number written was issued.


I caught sight of these condiments and marveled at the different levels of spiciness for wasabi soya. I'd love a pungent whiff of the spiciest - infact, that nostril chilling sensation is, addictive. 


Canadian or Japanese, I definitely was not expecting the best of its kind in a hand roll. Afterall, it is but HKD 50 and well, it is classified as a street eat.

I would have expected more rolls of sea urchin piled onto my handroll but this was good enough. I probably squeezed enough wasabi sauce for this crispy seaweed draped roll to be finger licking good and wished I ordered another without having to endure another queueing process.


Uni with salmon (HKD 40)

This looked more with the cushioning of salmon at the bottom. Fresh salmon and delicious sea urchin once again.

I don't usually agree with the chart toppers but this is legit and worth the hunt!

Tasty Reminiscence (勁回味)

Shop 21B, G/F, New Mandarin Plaza, 14 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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