Wednesday, August 26, 2009

四季煲仔飯 @ Yau Ma Tei, Hongkong

Claypot rice is another of Hongkong's signature must trys. I did not research beforehand on this as Hing Kee reviews were rather bad. So, the same rule of thumb in true Singaporean style applies, queues!

This place was packed with queues snaking too. A check with a native Hongkie reaffirmed our choice, "Much better than Hing Kee" was his kind advice. The less than stellar shop outlay, Four Seasons Claypot lacks a proper signboard!

With a makeshift oyster egg stall outside. The sis and I stole away from the queues to shop around..

The supposedly famous Hing Kee that all tourist guides are plugging.

Move down one street, at least TWO other shops also called Hing Kee. Talk about confusion.

Back to Four Seasons! Filled with people, best of all, natives.

The hkies know how to maximise their space, plastering every visible inch with something that hopefully catches the customer's eye.

Not the most hygienic way.

炸蠔餅 (HKD 20 small)

It's actually duck egg oyster omelette. Very oily and fried to a crisp. Tasted more or less like oyster egg but I was addicted to how crispy this omelette is.

Two types of vegetables, both very oily. Liked the diluted fermented tofu as a side!

北菇滑雞飯 (HKD 21)

These come naked. You've got to throw in dashes of sesame oil and dark sauce and flavour it accordingly. I was most amused seeing another table of tourists eating it neat.

田雞滑雞飯 (HKD 40)

Both reasonably priced, the claypot rice had that claypot fragrance that is ambrosial. A jaw-drop worthy moment came when the preserved sausage it was served with was not sliced but served in whole, literally "lock stock and barrel" just chucked into the claypot and left to sizzle. The oily greasy feeling, never felt so good.




  1. This entire stretch of claypot rice + oyster egg is crowded but the sad thing is that we couldn't find these stalls after shopping at Mong Kok. Guess we were too tired to walk...

    Alright will keep Four Seasons in mind on my next visit...

  2. Heh...this place was totally unplanned for. My dad just wrangled his way through based on vague memory and some asking along the way... =P Truly hongkong style food I say.