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Yat Lok Roasts @ Central, Hong Kong


The dual between Yat Lok and Kam's begin at Yung Kee and both having nabbed a star each also meant that there was heaps of comparisons as to which is the reigning star. Located in Central, the nearest competitor would of course be the five storey building of Yung Kee - think the glamourous step sister and a plain jane sibling when comparing Yung Kee and Yat Lok. Outwardly, Kam's is an in between both of them.

Queues were imminent for Yat Lok because the space was limited and never ever attempt dinner with bags of shopping because you end up propping them on your knees and having to eat over your loot - face the horrible fear of dripping food on your buys so then, just avoid all the trouble.

By the time we made it inside, it was close to 8 and the much revered roast goose drumsticks were sold out. The only way of getting them was paying for a half or full portion of roast goose. So mystery decoded - it was not that they did not have any, you just had to pay more for them.


Roast Goose Noodle

Roast goose parts were used in place of the drum stick and the noodle soup was quite a dish by itself - very rich and lardy good. I loved the laksa noodle here, cooked till translucent and had more density than those we had here. Tipple a copious amount of milk to make this just so delicious.



Roast Goose Wanton Mee


Roast Goose Rice

Thing is, the skin was not as crispy as Kam's and the meat was tender. Plus, it was shoddy knife work here, and very rushed so there were things that were discounted from our experience. Price was not way cheaper either.


Dumpling Soup

I never had a bad dumpling in Hong Kong, if there is any consolation.


Vegetables with Fermented Tofu Sauce

Fermented tofu is almost a staple at places that sell vegetables as part of the menu and it is served as a side. I actually find this hugely addictive.


It was a good roast goose dinner, except not justifiable for a star. It left me pining for a meal at Kam's almost instantly.

Yat Lok Roasts

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