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Scoot: HK - SIN

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Of all the budget airlines, I had not been on Scoot since the last encounter that ended on a bad note. They had a reputation for the lack of punctuality resulting in delayed lights and thankfully, this time round, we made it off on time.

710am flight out of Hong Kong certainly had to be the earliest flight out and unlike most other budget carriers, they have a relatively brand new fleet of Dreamliners, Boeing 787! 


With the capacity to carry more passengers, there is more legroom for the Stretch seats and Business class for those who still prefer the additional comforts. 


We were thrilled to nab the seats with extra legroom and there were noticeable differences between this Boeing 787 and the 777. 


For one, there were no window panes and they automatically dimmed against the dazzling sun rays when we took off. No problem about who wants the pane shut or open. AND, worked great for the crew who need not nag as well. 


With no entertainment, it was certainly a stretch to self-entertain for 3.5 hours. I kept myself busy with their inflight magazines and trying to sleep. 

There are plenty of plans by Scoot to up the experience - word has it that they have a Scoot channel up their sleeves - some entertainment is definitely better than none!

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