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Chan Yee Jai @ Sheung Wan

We went on a merry-go-r0und searching for this! Ended up they shifted 2 years ago and it was not updated online or even in the tourist guides dated 2008. ;X So there you have it, their latest location. God bless the kind people who assisted us throughout! Kind people they are, we looked so lost they actually came forward to help.

Nearest MTR: Sheung Wan.

Chan Yee Jai for the most authentic of them all. Imagine our delight when I spotted the shop!!

Goodies in jars. Cookies, Biscuits, Preserves...

Vegetarian Roll (HKD 13) was so tempting.

Ta-dah! Beancurd roll.

Basically just folds of beancurd skin with a generous sprinkling of spicy dried roe. It is quite good on its own, the beancurd skin has a nice bite with all the layers.. just a little bland.

So we went on a mini shopping spree round the shop picking out goodies from the glass jars. They do have goodies packaged in tins too, for gifting.

Blind Man's Cookie (HKD 10)

This is the one on the right, rounder than the almond biscuit. Generally made of the same ingredients as Almond Biscuit with the addition of sesame seeds which worked wonders to it. It is more moist and crumbly than the almond biscuit.

Almond Biscuits (HKD 10)

On the right.

Another lard-laden savoury biscuit! It's got pork and garlic in it, slightly chewy in the centre, crunchy on the sides. Not a huge fan but at least I've tried!

Walnut cookie

I loved this! Delicious with the lovely texture and fragrance.

Egg Biscuits (HKD 20)

Tear droped shaped egg biscuits that taste like kueh bolu but denser, like Rusk's baby biscuits but softer. Not too bad.

Bird's Nest Cake (HKD 45/box of 6)

Chan Yee Jai's signature and these were nearly sold out when we went.

Bird Nest Cake that tastes much like Teochew cake, the floury taste...well the Bird's Nest? Barely discernible.

All the goodness.

Chan Yee Jai
Sheung Wan
176D Queen's Road

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. It is a realy pity I didn't see this entry before my short trip. All looks so yummy, maybe I know what to get Daniel to buy for me.

  2. time before you head anywhere just email any of us..i'm sure one of us would've gone and recce-ed all the good food places before!

    chan yee jai's one of the more authentic places..not as overhyped and overpublicised as kei wah or wing wah..

  3. And if you are curious about the Zoo in other countries, Yuan and I will try to compile it... keke...

    Now you make me so tempted to go back to HK again... Maybe should plan a short trip together, think it will be lotsa fun...

  4. HAHAHAHA..."yuan and I will try to compile it." I was laughing madly at that! You guys really should!! And do a comparison too!

    I'm for a short trip!!! Foodie one and harris can taste true blue hk food! haha...