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Wing Kee Noodle @ Sugar Street, Hong Kong

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车仔面 is one of those dishes that has defied the test of time and emerged as one of the nostalgic dishes. They are so popular, there's even a wiki page on it!  In the past, these were sold by sellers on carts hence its tongue in cheek name - cart noodles. To think I thought they were eaten mostly by rickshaw riders. 

Anyhow, I first ate it in Singapore, at Maxwell market no less and it was just a starchy broth with yellow noodles soaked so long, I might as well drink it all down. Slurping is not the least bit necessary. 

Wing Kee is a stone's throw away and it looked busy all the time, the number of people streaming in and out had to be a testimony of the good food they do. 


We ordered one to share between both of us with toppings of radish, beef tendon and pork neck. The broth is made from sweet bean paste which gives it a lingering sweetness and the noodles were quite an odd combination here. Somewhat pasty and unlike the usual texture of egg noodles, these were more like beancurd noodles. 


Not exactly my idea of a great eat in Hong Kong though the crowds seem to think otherwise.

Wing Kee Noodle

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