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Joy Hing Roast @ Wanchai, Hongkong

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I blame the holiday season for the never ending queues and food getting sold out alot earlier than their official timings and that was the exact reason why I ended up at Joy Hing though it was on my to eat list.


Roast goose was clearly sold out and I was left with just one option - mixed roast rice. Lots of chopping sounds heard and the plates brimming with rice, topped with char siew, soya chicken and roast duck and their signature ginger scallion oil was plonked on the table.

Fats was what dominated the roasts in an irresistible manner and I inhaled every bit of it with such joy. Juicy duck, fatty char siew and an equally tasty chicken - the battle of the poultry is neverending though it's possibly only in Hong Kong that I love all of them equally (except goose of course).


A side of blanched greens and dash of oyster sauce, nothing so fancy but it went really well with my roast meat rice.


I just had to post another shot of the delicious roasts, for once, I am a fan of mixing everything together and taking it by the spoonfuls.


Not forgetting this powerhouse of a chilli paste, gives the oomph in the meal.


Table sharing made the experience authentic, together with the brash waitress who decided to berate a customer who only wanted roast goose. Prices are all over their walls too, so a menu is completely unnecessary and that's one of the reasons why I love such experiences.

Michelin bib gourmand or not, this place has the chops and makings of a true blue Hong Kong eatery. I am a huge fan. 

Joy Hing Roast
265-267 Hennessy Rd

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