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Oddies Foodies @ Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


Perserverance got me here for the third time and for the first two times, I was greeted with a store and its closed shutters.

Oddies Foodies a moniker for people with a penchant for odd food - how apt. 

Their menu is simple with just 3 soft serve creations and eggettes in both sweet and savoury flavours. Had it not been for the tiny space that they had, I would have pondered harder over my choice. Seasonal limited editions have appeared on the menu every now and then, lady luck has her part to play in this for tourists. In my case, there were none. In the past eggette flavoured with chinese sausage as well as kimchi have made it to the seasonal specials, audacious pairings indeed and if you are a square, do not bother with this place. Flavours and creations get retired every now and then in the store's bid to keep the excitement alive.

Trust the creative Hong Konger to name his gelato creations timings of the day - I was intrigued at least.


9AM (HKD 49)
Italian low fat twist soft gelato, served with mango and pomelo, coffee cornflake crunch, homemade salted caramel ice cream, crispy bacon, and piggy raspberry jam toast


Night Wolf (HKD 49)
Italian low fat soft gelato twisted with 66% dark chocolate served with butter crumbs, caramelized banana ice cream, passion fruit panna cotta, brownie, chocolate chip eggettes and crunchy flakes

Very photogenic, infact, I spent the most part of the time snapping pictures instead of tucking into this quick melting creation. My main grouses with this were - 

It melts faster than you can even say Night Wolf

Because of the layers, there is no way I could have gotten to the melting soft serve gelato without conquering the humongous chocolate chip eggette. In trying to do so, I splashed melted gelato milk shake all over my new purchases and my shoes. Not withstanding so, my the time I actually got to the gelato, the supposed layers of ingredients had dissolved into a mess. 

Messy is an understatement

While layered desserts are considered "value for money" and "ingenious" to some, flavours have to be complementary in order to come across as a whole but this was heaps of sweet nothings in an overflowing cup and all I got was sweet, sweet and more sweet. At some point, we just gave up in our battle to overcome this sweet and sticky mess.   

Instagram lies

With the influx of people saying yes to this Odd Food creation, I was compelled to go. No to this because a jack of all trades gets you a master of none. I had my favourite street food snack and gelato all in one but neither was outstanding in a good way. 


Ham and Cheese Eggette (HKD 20)

One pricey eggette I must say. To play it safe, we headed for the Ham and Cheese eggette which arrived looking tall, mighty and almost indestructible. Barely any of the crispy, gummy and tasty street snack that I was looking forward to. If anything, it was really huge.

I would have to say sorry no more for me, the relationship I tried to foster did not blossom into a beautiful flower but went flat on battery. 

Oddies Foodies
Shop 1F, GF No. 149 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai
Wan Chai

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