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A foodtake of 2010

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Following up on last year's list...2010 has since come to a reluctant end. It has been a different year in all aspects. I still stuff myself silly, get excited about new dishes...I still live to eat. I guess that's what is going strong, this curiosity about food in general and that, has brought me new experiences and memories to keep.

Thanks to the group of food bloggers whom I meet up every now and then to catch up. It's been swell knowing you guys...! Food is never the same with you all.

Special thanks to the one and only, very accomodating and thoughtful sis! :) For all the reasons that I've mentioned before, you're truly one of the bestest dining partners I can ever ask for. Breakfast, brunch, tea, lunch, dinner, supper...we've conquered them all.

All the mush's my perfect 10 this year.

One. Surfing the Menu with Curtis Stone

The first encounter with a celebrity chef. Memorable in more ways than one.

Two. Pierre Herme Macarons

Worthy of all hype and every accolade. Being in the land of macarons made this one of the many reasons why I love Paris.

Three. Belgian Waffle, Brussels

The humble snack that will hold the dearest memories to me.

Four. Stella Maris, Paris

The first michelin starred meal experienced.

Five. Adolf Wagner, Frankfurt

As haughty as it sounds...german food never tasted the same again.

Six. L'Espresso Lounge, Goodwood Park Hotel

It's a tussle between Goodwood and Orchard Meritus' Triple 3...L'Espresso Lounge fulfills all the requirements of a lazy high tea in the most leisurely way ever.

Seven. Uluru Burger Challenge

An attempt on Adam Richman's "Man VS Food."

Eight. K Ki

Still in love with this place though only on payday! The priciest bites of cake around.

Nine. Iggy's

The precious attempt at Iggy's before they made the shift to Hilton.

Ten. Triple 3, Meritus Orchard

I returned twice for this. 'Nuff said.

Happy New Year one and all!!!

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. Wow, a sentimental post and it is a pity we didn't get to meet for the Christmas and New Year... Really looking forward to the next meet up.

    Hope you had a good trip...

    Wow, judging from the list, I am really looking forward to my May trip... Macarons and Waffles... Geez... Oh, don't missed out Hilton's macarons, in particular the cream cheese flavour, it became both Yuan's and my top... Woohoo...

    Looks like Kki is making to the 2010 list in most blogs... Yea, and triple 3...

    Last but not least, Happy New Year to you and Chloe =)

  2. Wherever you might be travelling and eating away now, happy new year to you! Looking forward to more meetups in 2011! =)

  3. Happy 2011 Phoebe and Chloe! Shucks I didn't know you met Curtis Stone...he's my ultimate crush and wouldn't mind taking him home...i envy those Americans in Take Home CHef.

  4. A list from all around the world indeed, yums.

    Have a Happy New Year and hope to see you soon! :)

  5. @ fen: yeah, let's arrange to meet soon!! definitely, the year end trip was SOOOOOOO good, didn't want to return at all! :(

    yes im sure u'll enjoy europe. hEH...hilton! ok, shall try that some time.

    kki! the best discovery of 2010 but it's getting too pricey for my liking.

    happy new year to you and yuan too! a tad belated :)

    @daniel: 31st december was spent gorging ourselves silly as usual. happy new yr to u and laysian!

    @lorraine: awwww, seriously??? he's a charmer. pity he's getting married!!! if they had a take home chef version in holland, i bet u'd open ur kitchen anyday rite!

    @jerlin: :D may 2011 be an awesome year for u!

    @harris: same to you! see you soon mr busy!