Thursday, December 31, 2009

A foodtake of 2009

2009 has been a magnificent one for me, food in particular. Starting the blog in 2008 was entirely out of a whim and I once thought I would not sustain this long enough for people to bother reading. Whoever you are reading, thank you very much. :)

Twenty Zero Nine brought me new friends. Floggers I call us, we indulge and speak nothing but food. Friends whose blogs I once lurked around...(okay okay, I still lurk!) It may sound insane but it is humanely possible to have conversations all about food, nothing else. It's Char Kuay Teow to a foodie the same way Prada is to a fashionista.

2009 also saw me going through different food phases, the burgers, high tea tiered sets, dimsum madness...and the only constant, desserts.

Special thanks to the sis for allowing me to impose my whims and fancies upon her whenever we dine out. The lovely friends who patiently allow me to snap away madly whilst they drool and tsk unintentionally. Oh yes, and those who've so kindly left comments on the new places to try, I'll try to check them out! And of course the bunch of friends who regularly ring me up for recommended eats...thanks for trusting me! xoxo.

Here's a round up of my favourites for 2009....!

Top 9 Favourites of 2009 (in no order of preference)

1.Gordon's Grill

It was on my "To Try" list for the longest time and finally getting there got me jumping up in joy. The best of 2009 in due regard.

2. Prego's

My first attempt at Italian Buffet, truly memorable because I ended up with a splitting headache and huge bulge from all the gorging. :P The pizzas were good enough for me to stand by the counter, polishing it hot off the oven!

3. Tai Cheong Egg Tarts

The humble egg tart pumped with lard, I could eat this every day for the rest of my life. I still drool at the very thought of it.

4. The Lobby, Peninsula Hotel

Unforgettable. The only holiday I had that I bothered wasting 3 hours sitting in a hotel nibbling food rather than fighting heel and fingernail at some mega sale. ;x

5. Lin Heung Tea House

The part of Hongkong that I miss so much. Early morning dimsum, the hustle and bustle...

6. Greenhouse Cafe, Ritz Carlton

One outstanding buffet for both quality and quantity.

7. Cafe Swiss, Swissotel

The first attempt at a swiss buffet, one of those that I went without expecting much. For every cheese lover...the raclette, cheese fondue...the massive amount of cheeses up for selection!

8. Les Bouchons

One of the more memorable birthday treats, the next most memorable steak place.

9. City Space, Swissotel

After that visit, I've never looked at Singapore's night view the same way again.

2010...shall be another food-full year, plans in store.

I shall unabashedly admit, I started out this blog with a camera phone and progressed to FujiFilm FinePix Z. Plans for an upgrade are in the works..*giggles* Seeking partial sponsorship for now, so wish me luck!

Have a smashin' 2010 everyone!


  1. Nice post! I so wanna try Les Bouchons, steak and free flow fries!

    Have a Happy New Year Phoebe and Chloe!

  2. Looking forward to more posts, and a buffet whacking with you girls =)

    Happy new year!

  3. happy new year dudes! :)

    @harris: les bouchons is a must!!! Not sure if it's gg to pair up to gordon's but it's worth the while.

    @daniel: haha...bring the buffet on please! We'll rival you on the table. =P

  4. Haha, after I heard Phoebe and Chloe brag about their buffet prowess, I'm quite convinced ;)

  5. Count me in on the next outing! Saw your post on Gordon Grill and I'm so envious!
    Btw, Happy 2010!

  6. @Harris: haha..we'll convince you guys. :P

    @angeline: heh, do join us!! im waiting for the credit card promos to start planning my meals in jan! =P