Friday, May 28, 2010

A Waffle Story: Gelateria Italiana Pascalino Van @ Brussels, Belgium

The first disappointing waffle was too much to bear. In the most dramatic way, I was disillusioned. I even thought; I flew half a continent for the disappointing waffle. There had to be more than just that.

Before I launch into the whole walawala about what I had...some history on Belgium waffles. (Wiki oh wiki...what would I do without you?) Under the huge family of waffles, each country has a different variation of it based on type, shape of iron and recipe used. Amongst the famous waffles are American Waffles (I think A&W), Belgian Waffles, Liege Waffles and Dutch Stroopwafels.

Belgian Waffles are prepared with a yeast-leavened batter. It is generally, but not always, lighter, thicker, and crispier and has larger pockets compared to other waffle varieties. Despite their name, 'Brussels waffles' were actually invented in Ghent in 1839.

So there you have it...Waffles here I come! To set the record straight, I always wanted my waffles to be thick and dense in consistency. "With Bite" would be most apt.

Here's Brussel's equivalent of our favourite icecream van! I must be a nutcase but vans like this  had me at the most childish way ever. Sounds like a lost childhood? I really think so too. Not every van sells waffles but most sell icecream. Icecream under such freezing temperatures? You bet.

The palette tickling menu. At this juncture, I wish for the waffles to be as pictured.

Hand over the euro and get your waffle! Easy peasy.

That's one evenly browned waffle! It was hot...the way a freshly made waffle should be. A bite and there, like a shopaholic would feel laying hands on a limited edition...I was enlightened - How a real Belgian waffle should taste like.

Doughy, would be the exact word for it. Crispy from the sugared outer layer revealing a lovely doughy chewy texture within. I adore how moderately sweet this is. So there you have it, along the cobbled paths of chilly munching my favouritest waffle, watching the clouds roll by.

I wish I returned for seconds, I even pictured the flavour I would order! Alas, for the next few occasions that I passed by the station it was not there anymore.

So that's what luck is? Randomly fantabulous.

Gelateria Italiana Pascalino Van
Outside Louise Louiza Station


  1. 1.50E for such nicely browned waffles? awesome la!

  2. exactly!!! never gonna eat an overpriced belgian waffle here again. ever. =p

  3. i love belgian waffles too!! sun moulin bakery has nice ones, they're best eaten when they're hot and fluffy. but i still like them when they're cold- they'll have a more cake-like texture, coupled with a crisp exterior then.

  4. Wah.. I had one at the Belgium pavilion of world expo, more expensive, smaller and I'm sure less tasty than yours!

  5. @stargirl: I've never tried those at sun moulin though...sounds not bad, from what ure saying!

    @daniel: wow...u went to shanghai expo!!! how was it? im sure the stuff at the expo would be heavily marked up...the ingredients took a plane there!haha

  6. Haha.. pavilion designs were fascinating, inside were really just so-so. I had 2 dinners at the France and Belgium pavilion, and 1 lunch at the Japan pavilion. Writing on them soon!

  7. wow...2 dinners and a lunch!? Lucky fella! can't wait for your posts...!