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Raffles Courtyard x PasirPanjangBoy

 ~Invited Session~

Raffles Courtyard x PasirPanjangBoy is inviting guests to discover a new culinary collaborative series with the rich heritage of Southeast Asian cuisine, featuring a curated selection of their signature Nyonya specialities.

I have personally dined at PasirPanjangBoy and I must say it is getting very difficult to book seats there anymore. So, for those of you who are not so lucky to manage to dine there itself, make your way to a much more accessible option at Raffles Hotel where you can also enjoy a few of my PasirPanjangBoy favorites at the comfort and serenity of the Courtyard at Raffles Hotel. 



The soup is just oh-so-comforting!

It was coincidental that it rained heavily just before dinnertime and this prawn noodles was just heavenly. It had all the right umami flavors and just the right portion for a dish packed with fresh seafood flavors. 



The star of the night, and always my star at PasirPanjangBoy


One could argue that there are many types of ngoh hiang in Singapore, but few can equal or rival this version by PasirPanjangBoy. Tinoq's secret five spice receipe is really the bomb but the secret sauce, quite literally, is in the chili. If you eat this without the chili, we are not friends.


Rendang, oh my love


If you leave the Courtyard without trying this, then you have done yourself a great disservice. This is perfect for dinner. Aromatic herbs and spices slow cooked with tender loving care, giving it robust flavors that just sends such lovely warmth to the soul and really lifted my spirits in that damp and wet evening. Perfect Perankan soul food.

Tinoq Russell Goh and Dylan Chan will also be mingling with guests every Tuesday and Wednesday evening. They are just lovely and wonderful people, spreading good vibes everywhere.

The collaboration dish with PasirPanjangBoy are offered alongside Raffles Courtyard’s own creations, complementing its menu of Southeast Asian small plates and authentic Singaporean delights.






Some of the treats we had from the Raffles Courtyard menu!

Available daily from 3pm to 9pm, from now till April 11. The PasirPanjangBoy Bundle, comprising the trio of specialities, is available only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well, coinciding the duo's visits.