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Uncle Tony's Pizza Delivery!



The family loves pizza and it’s usually one of our to-gos if we need a quick fix for meals – the kids are fans too.


We ordered the sharing bundle “Let’s Go Party” for one of our family gatherings – yes we kept to social distancing measures and only had 2 over! This bundle feeds 9-10pax and we had 7 adults and a child. Look at the spread!


4 large 12” pizzas


12 pieces of chicken nuggets



12 fish fingers


12 chicken wings


12 honey mustard prawns

2 1.5litre bottled drinks (which did not arrive and it was only days later that we realised this was not delivered so I did not bother to highlight to the team but do remember to check!)


These are the flavours we picked, some came with a supplement charge too.


BBQ Chicken (+$3.50)


Tom Yum Tuna (+$3.50)


Mushroom Lover Delight (+$3.50)


Beef Supreme (+$6.50)


The pizzas arrived piping hot and well within the stipulated 1 hour time frame which is a major win! I’ve probably told this story to death but we’ve had a pizza delivery that took more than 2 hours to arrive and when it did, it was barely lukewarm. Major food delivery pet peeve so I love that Uncle Tony’s allow orders 1 hour prior to delivery and the food is served piping hot!


Our personal favourites are varied and I actually liked Tom Yum Tuna, plus, it is not a commonly seen flavour on pizza menus! The crisp bread and generous toppings makes this an absolute treat. The other flavours that we did not try include Meat Lover’s Delight, BBQ Chicken, Pesto Chicken, Classic Cheese and Chicken Cheese and Ham. There is a flavour for everyone.


Do note that chilli flakes and parmesan cheese packets are chargeable!

We were clearly overfed and even had some to save for the next meal – truly, that is what I love about value for money food options. Eat until peng and still can tabao – sounds like a cheapo already but…never say no to stretching the dollar!

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Butcher's Block @ Raffles Hotel

 ~Invited Session~

Butcher’s Block, one of the newest kids on the block for the numerous high-end steakhouses in Singapore, is located at Raffles Hotel and led by Chef Rémy Lefebvre.

I had the pleasure of being invited to try a sample of their new lunch menu offering, which has been revamped to include some dinner staples such as the John Stone Angus Grass-Fed 28 Day Dry-Aged Cote De Bouef, alongside lighter Tostadas snacks that gives the menu a modern and more fashion-forward take on the traditional steakhouse. 

The moment you walk into Butcher’s Block, everything there is styled very Art Nouveau, which is really one of my favourite architecture/interior design styles. Brilliant cobalt blue hues, complementary dark wood panelling and polished brass furnishing and gold accents brightens up any dour mood and lifts the spirits up for in preparation for a Dionysian meal.

Once you walk into the main hall you will see The Vault, displaying fine cuts of meats, but to be honest my attention was instantly directed at The Library right smack at the back wall of the restaurant, which houses gleaming racks after racks of a cultured selection of wines, more than 200 different wine labels, including a good selection of natural wines. They do have an interesting selection of old-world wines as well, from less renowned regions such as Metsovo, Greece, which produces excellent wines.

 A plate of food on a table

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Amazing starters to begin

Chef Rémy has cobbed together an interesting Mediterranean starter menu. We tried the Joselito Iberico Ham that came with a ‘toasted bread and tomato’. Gosh, way-too-humble a description. The ham was waxy and chewy, bursting with meaty flavours, which was a great texture juxtaposition to the Sardinian flat bread with sun-dried tomato relish.

Anchovies De L’Escala was there simply because I adore anchovies. Not everyone does, but these things are usually so full of flavour and this does not disappoint either. Lots of full-own umami goodness but may be too much if you do not like your food with full-bodied and bold flavours.

The oysters, however, are divine. The Butcher’s Block sells Geay oysters from the Marennes-Oléron region in France, and which seemed to be the Fine De Claire variety. All the same, Geay oysters are some of the sweetest oysters I have ever had, and I was exceptionally glad to be served these. 

A bottle of wine sitting on top of a wooden table

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2018 Katogi Averoff Inima, Athiri & Assyrtiko

We were introduced to this white wine by the sommelier to go along our starters and I was excited to see this being served. I always liked dry and crisp white wines and this complement food rich in light oil (saw the anchovies?) extremely well. It is citrusy and floral for the nose, and with the same citrusy acidity in the mouth and has an aftertaste of green apples. Pair this with the oysters and/or anchovies for a barnstorming start to the meal.

A plate of food on a table

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Shrimp and Cholula Dressing Tostada

A plate of food on a table

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Octopus BBQ Tostada

It might be strange that a steakhouse serves Mexican-style Tostada, but it totally made sense with the Mediterranean-focused starter menu. The tostadas have a big focus on seafood and are good on their own as well. Expect fresh flavours with little intervention from the kitchen in its flavours so you could really taste the quality of the produce on your own. And from now till end of November 2020, the tostadas are ALL priced at $12 each! (down from $14-$31 as listed on the menu) You must try the Octopus tostada!

A piece of meat on a wooden table

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The much-awaited Cote De Bouef!

No visit to the Butcher’s Block is complete without the star of the whole show, the Cote De Bouef. Grilled to charred-perfection on the restaurant’s, wood-fired Josper grill, the beef is smoked with an oak flavour in this version. Get it done in medium, do not nuke this cow into oblivion, and you would enjoy the fine balanced flavours of fat and protein. 

Do not forget to order some red wine to go with this. In our case, we had a wonderful Italian Red, a 2017 Vignamaggio Terre Di Preazano Chianti Classico Sangiovese DOCG. Fresh red floral bouquet and obvious flavours of dark berries and a slight hint of cream. A fine wine with light tannins which then can showcase better the meaty flavours of this wonderful steak. 

A table with wine glasses

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A fine foray into pairing wine flavours with our steak

The Butcher’s Block is a great contender alongside with all the other big names of steak houses in Singapore and should be right up there on your list for a great date night or a splurge with friends. 

Butcher's Block

328 North Bridge Road (Accessible via North Bridge Road Entrance)

#02-02, Raffles Arcade

Singapore 188719


Steamboat King delivers!




This is my first time ordering steamboat delivery online and I am surprised how easy peasy it is! The team sent over Steamboat King Bundle B.


When in doubt, go for the sets



I have my preferred steamboat staples but this time round, I let the experts surprise me. Their bundles start from 2-3pax all the way to 8-10pax. I was gifted the set for 3-4pax and it fed 4 adults and a child very well.


Each bundle comes with a choice of soup bases, drinks, desserts and even a portable stove set. So much win! And the auntie in me was trigger happy. Each set includes an alcohol stove and a 14cm hot pot for single portions – great for those days where I feel like shabu shabu on my own.


Their soup broths are simmered for at least 8 hours and that gives a really hearty broth. From the choices of Premium Collagen Soup (+$5), Sichuan Mala, Tomato, Pork Tonkotsu and Kimchi, I picked Tomato and Pork Tonkotsu! Both came in sealed packets of 750ml and it can be resealed for another steamboat session! 


Of the two, my pick’s pork tonkotsu, hearty broth to begin with and was really wholesome by the end of dinner. Like they say, the best is always at the end. Tomato on the otherhand, was a tad too sweet for my liking. I love that they even throw in goji berries and red dates for you to toss in when you fancy. Over simmering these will cause them to disintegrate.


Dipping sauces of shoyu, sambal chilli and thai chilli are provided and whist we ended up concocting our own, these are good to start with! 





The spread was more than sufficient, spanning chicken, pork belly, pork collar, toman fish slices, handmade balls and fish paste. They also included my favourite beancurd skins! 





There's also fish paste!


While they gave the staple steamboat ingredients, there is no stopping you from zhng-ing your steamboat with others too! We threw in flower crabs and Hokkaido beef – so so so shiok!



1 hour delivery promise


This, is awesome for last minute orders and great for satisfying the cravings as and when. The times I have been disappointed because I need to place advanced orders has been countless and kudos to the team on delivering on their promises! Plus, order above $100 to get the steamboat ingredients delivered to you for free, not too difficult when every item is a must order.


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Shepherd's Pie and Lasagne delivered in 1 hour!


Shepherd's Pie is one of the most underrated party food dishes ever - people assume it is easy to make and almost impossible to go wrong. The truth is, while it is easy to make, it is best eaten piping hot and unless I'm the host and only preparing it just before it is consumed, I would prefer to just order, sit back, relax and wait for my order to arrive! 



Ever been in a situation where everyone wants a quick fix for dinner and fastfood is not an option but you want to please everyone? I find myself in this situation one time too many because I have diners from different age groups to please, the kid, the husband and the parents. Shepherd’s pie is one of the family’s favourite dishes to cook and we have it every now and then.

Have you  had a macaroni and cheese and shepherd’s pie in a single dish? The folks at clearly knew this was lacking and gave us the answer in an all in one dish - Mac ‘n’ Cheese Black Pepper Beef Shepherd’s Pie ($31.90). 



As a consumer, I love being spoilt for choice, this double combo has a special black pepper gravy which makes it all the more appetizing. The mild heat from the pepper, juicy and tender beef, tantalizing mix of cheese, onions and herbs, macaroni, cheese and mashed potatoes! 



It is two mains in 1 single dish – so much to love! Portions are incredibly generous and while it states 4-5 pax, I’d say it’s good for 5-6 pax even! It is so tasty, we kept going back for more. On the downside, this was a tad peppery for the kids but a favourite amongst the adults. The secret ingredient used is sour cream which gives this a slightly sour but super creamy texture. 



Sienna’s Traditional Lasagne ($13.90) [s worth a try! Mozarella, Cheddar, and Ricotta cheese packed between delicious tomato paste and hand-rolled lasagna sheets. The fournado had so many portions of this tangy delight, I guess that says a lot about this Made In Italy special.


Handmade Italian Meatballs ($12.20) on the otherhand were less appetizing, they were rather stiff though the Italian Arriabbata sauce was tasty.

They  have a really extensive menu – sides, pasta, lasagna, shepherd’s pies, burgers and dessert is in the works! Truly a one stop shop for those ordering for finicky eaters, there is truly something for everyone, young and old.

FREE delivery above $70 and get it at your doorstep all in 60 minutes!


Credit: Owari Photography 

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Fruits at your doorstep in 120 minutes flat!

 ~Media drop~

Thanks to Covid-19, my credit card bill for online transactions have soared to a point of no return. Shopping aside, grocery shopping has taken the bulk of my purchases for the following reasons. 


The barriers to exit online purchase for groceries is way too high - first, I need to dress up (anything beyond PJs is called dressing up, putting on makeup is another level of effort), don a mask, head to a supermart and practice social distancing, make the purchase, head home with the heavy fruits, shower off all the germs. All these versus, sitting at my laptop clicking away and delivery gets made even without me actually dressing up. Sorry, the convenience has won me over and there is absolutely no way I am heading back to shopping in physical stores till Covid-19 is over. 

2 hour delivery promise

Honestly, the time taken for me to get to the nearest supermart or fruit stall on public transport to and fro would be close to an hour and a half but still no thanks. 2 hour delivery for my fruits and vegetables? I'm taking it. 



The guys at Fruits Delivery SG sent my order promptly and I was stoked to be able to enjoy these seasonal fruits! I love variety and joy is having so many categories to choose from.


Custard Apples ($14.80 for 2 pcs)

I love custard apples but choosing them at their optimal ripeness is a challenge.  These arrived just right! I like how they are cling wrapped and covered in the styrofoam jacket to help protect it against bruising.


Packam Pear ($7 for 5 pcs)

 I love mine over ripe actually so I'd be keeping these for awhile longer!


Cherries on discount and these were sweet and juicy. The fournado was asking about them for days.


Vietnam Long Avocado ($9 for 2 pcs)

 Their pricing for these long avocados are really competitive and at a slight premium from the usual avocados, I would not mind getting seconds!


Creamy and less fibrous, these are so easy to like! What more, the seed can be easily removed too.

Pink Guava ($3 for 2 pcs)

Sold on pink, these are also sweet! My preferred choice as compared to to the usual white guavas.

MYS Tambun Pomelo ($8)

I found these on the dry side and not as sweet as those that I've eaten before. Penang pomelos are the my favourite!


NZ Envy Apple ($10.90 for 3 pcs)

Of all the apple varieties, this is my favourite. Sweet, crisp and so juicy!


Source: Owari Photography

If these are not up your alley, they have 80 varieties of fruit to choose from, surely there is something that will suit! 

10 Best fruits delivery in Singapore

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Fruits Delivery:



A Raffles Heritage Evening @ Raffles Hotel

 ~Invited Session~

One of the best kept secrets in town is the A Raffles Heritage Evening at the Raffles Hotel which serves up a beautiful array of local flavours. 


The sharing platter of Asian style tapas (think dim sum but for the evening!) with Singaporean Chili Crab Cake (must try!), Spicy Tiger Prawns, Sesame Shrimp Toast, and Spring Rolls is a great way to start of the evening.



 Expect lots of crunchy textures and savory flavors, and even if your spice tolerance isn’t exactly high, don’t worry, the spice levels here are tastefully pleasant. 


I had the pleasure of trying of both main courses, though I am told that the set allows for 1 choice of main course. The Hainanese chicken rice is a perennial favourite and an all-time classic disc in Singapore (the PR lady even told me that chicken rice is one dish she can eat for every single meal, an opinion readily concurred by my dining companion who nodded furiously and we all started rattling on about our favourite places for chicken rice). This version certainly does not lose out to that from a famous chicken race restaurant just a street away and is a very competent choice. Expect delicious savoury chicken goodness with a perfectly gelatinous skin (perfect for skin lovers like me).



The other choice for the main course is the laksa. It comes in the non-spicy version (you are given sambal chili to adjust the heat yourself), and I enjoyed this. The noodles are done just right according to my preference (slightly more than al dente), and the soup is nourishing without being overbearing with the coconut flavors. 


Now. Dessert. This was something to behold. First, I had the sweet potato pastry (in the shape of a swan) that was one of the best sweet potato dessert pastry I have ever had in a while. Deceptively savoury with the usual hint of sweet potato sweet flavours at the end, I swear that this would have served just as well as a starter or as a dim sum dish at a top-notch dim sum restaurant. The coconut tartlet was also a refreshing end to the meal, tasting of freshly grated coconut and with none of the sickly-sweet flavours that you tend to get from coconut flakes. 


The ondeh-ondeh was divine! It far outshoned the pandan kaya roll and the kueh lapis. If you only had stomach for one type, then ondeh-ondeh it is. The other 2 are perfectly competent though at this point my stomach was already protesting at the amount of food I was consuming. 




But there is even more! There is a bowl of chendol to come along with the desserts and you get the works. I was so full at this point but I still manage to put it all into my mouth and worry about the calories tomorrow. You do get a lot for what you pay for, though I must say, this $68 set meal is heavy towards desserts and dim sum and so if that is your tune, go ahead and sing it.

Raffles Hotel is also running a ‘3+1’ Promotion! From now till 30 September 2020, guests can enjoy a special ‘3+1’ group dining offer at The Grand Lobby. Applicable for the Raffles Afternoon Tea set at S$78++ per guest, New York Afternoon Tea set at $78++ per guest, and the Heritage Evenings set at $68++ per guest. 

Opening Hours: Breakfast at The Grand Lobby:  7.00am to 10.30am 

Classic Afternoon Tea and The New York Afternoon Tea*:  Monday to Friday: 1.00pm to 5.00pm, Saturday and Sunday: 12.00pm to 6.00pm Dinner: 6.00pm to 10.00pm (Heritage Evenings Menu is exclusively available from 6.30pm to 9.00pm) 

Writers Bar Handcrafted Cocktails will be served from 5.00pm daily 

Reservations for The New York Afternoon Tea must be made a day in advance. 

Where: The Grand Lobby, Raffles Hotel Singapore, 1 Beach Road, Singapore 189673 

Dresscode: Casual Chic (No shorts and slippers) Website:

Acai bowls from The Acai Lab!



Acai bowls and I go way back in time and I miss the days of lunching out and heading over for acai before heading back to the office. 

I really shan't bore with the nutrition statistics about acai bowls - they have been spoken to death and they are my to go for a healthy treat when the weather is so unforgiving. 

Acai Bowl is a newly established company and they are Singapore’s largest, fastest and most popular acai delivery platform! I put their promise to the test. 



60 minutes delivery

They did good on this, my order and delivery happened all too fast and truly I got my fix when I really needed a cold treat! Don't you agree how some of these cravings get delayed satisfaction when the delivery time frame is way longer and I go from hungry to hangry.

Now for the taste test! They have a variety of acai products up for selection: puree, bowls and DIY bowls.  


Açaí Puree (14.12)

I love my acai purees and there are days where I mix this with my overnight oats combo, do try it! It's tart, creamy and actually really not as bad tasting as it sounds. 


Signature Acai ($10.20)  

Granola, Banana Strawberry, Blueberry, Kiwi, Raisin, Pumpkin Seed, Coconut Flake, Cranberry, Chia Seed.

With every new acai brand attempted, I make it a point to try their signature - I mean what can go wrong?  


Nutty Nature ($8.90)

Peanut Butter (+$1)

Chopped banana, kiwi, mixed nuts, pumpkin seeds, goji berries and topped with blueberries


Tropical Acai ($10)

Pineapple, Banana, Mango, Raisin, Coconut Flakes, Walnut, Cranberries, Chia Seed


More mango, because why not!

The truth is while the bowls tasted similar, I actually liked them all! My main grouse is the chia seed pudding that ended up too stiff, I definitely would prefer it more liquid and pudding like.

Credit: Owari Photography

Their bowls are made with PurpleBlend™ Acai base and all natural and organic ingredients. They even shared their acai bowl recipe: 60% Pure Acai Base + 20% Purple Superfoods + 10% Creamy Base + 10% Liquid Base. I may just try making my own bowl someday with the puree! 

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The Acai Lab:

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