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Empress Place Teochew Beef Kway Teow @ Raffles Courtyard, Raffles Hotel

 ~Invited Tasting~

Hawker Stories at Raffles Courtyard collaborates with David Lim, the fourth-generation descendent of the legendary Hock Lam Kuay Teow, and current owner of Empress Place Teochew Beef Kway Teow. For more than 20 years, David has been known for selling his special version of the Beef Kuay Teow Soup, known for its delectable and lighter-bodied beef broth with hints of pandan.



The Empress Place Bundle

We tried the Empress Place Bundle which had a bit of everything. It comes with a choice of the Beef Kuay Teow in Dry or Soup version, as well as a Beef Mui Fan. While having been a fan of the beef kuay teow since my younger days in the east of Singapore, I was dying to try the Beef Mui Fan as there are almost no places in Singapore that are still selling this old school dish.


Beef Kuay Teow (Soup)


This is a delectably wholesome dish that I could eat everyday. With generous heaping portions of beef balls, beef innards like tripe, stomach, tongue, etc., it was really great comfort food in rainy weather and this definitely stands out as one of the top versions of the dish here in Singapore.


Beef Kuay Teow (Dry)

Oh my goodness. You know, during my days visiting Empress Place Teochew Beef Kway Teow, I would order the soup version only because that’s really my favorite thing to eat. Perhaps I was wary of the starchy goopy Hainanese versions of the dry dish that has been popularized by other beef noodle stores. Lim’s version is really how a dry beef noodle should be: robust, with beef fat flavors bursting in a delightfully fragrant stock, lightly soaked in beef gravy. Oh, don’t forget the chili. Lim tells us proudly that he prepares his chili the whole school way: pounded, and the secret ingredient was chopped whole calamansi limes (not blended!), as he claims, that gives the chili the extra piquant and sourish kick.


Beef Mui Fan


I remembered this dish vividly from my very young days in Cantonese restaurants where if you ask the waiters nicely, they will ask the chefs to make it for you. It is almost always an off-the-menu dish (I don’t know why!), and they might not even have the ingredients all the time. I enjoyed Lim’s version immensely, as he has chosen to only sprinkle black beans sparingly into the dish and allow the beef stock to be the star. The rice is also still chewy and fragrant, meaning he has strictly only finished the dish at the last second, thereby keeping the texture of the rice as sweet as possible.


Vegetable Spring Rolls


This was a surprising addition to the bundle, but I welcomed it very much. It was lightly fried and not too oily, and generous in vegetables and big on flavors. It was a welcome foil to the beefy flavors we had and I would even simply enjoy this on its own.


The Empress Place Teochew Beef Kway Teow’s collaboration with Hawker Stories at Raffles Courtyard is going on from 20th April 2022 to 8th May 2022.

SIRI X Veuve Cliquot - A brand new dining experience awaits!

 ~Invited Session~

It's always lovely to head back to SIRI House for a meal, the whole vibes of the place especially, makes me feel out of the country. With the dining restrictions eased, the launch of the Dine at Dusk and Fun in the Sun offers diners a completely different dining experience. 

Available for 2 to 10 pax groups (with an applicable minimum spend), guests can opt to Dine at Dusk with 4 individually plated courses at $98++ per person or 6 course menus at $128++ per person. Each menu includes a complimentary glass of Veuve Clicquot champagne per person.


Outdoor Private Dinner bookings are available, Tuesday to Sunday Evenings, 6.00pm to 8.00pm.


To complement both brunch and dinner, Guests can order bottles of Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label, Rosé or La Grande Dame at special promotional prices, starting at $120 per bottle. 

With a new open air garden trellis designed especially for the occasion, and a table adorned with florals and candles (for the Dine at Dusk package), I'm sure this will be the hottest table in the restaurant!

We had a go at the full menu. 

The amuse bouche changes daily, we had a radish appetizer. 


Served with aburi amaebi, the amaebi was the star fried till crisp. The umami in the prawn head, spices and cheese made this an absolute delight. 

Marinated duck breast

Peking duck marinated in a five spice mix and ginger for a day before sous vide cooking and searing. The finishing touches of pink peppercorn and goji berry sauce are added for a lighter, brighter flavour to the dish. Incredibly tender and fragrant, they should have bigger portions for this! 

Doenjang Glazed Beef Short Rib

This reminds me so much of a korean barbeque with the seasoning like doenjang, mirin and soy especially. Serviced with picked napa cabbage and pickled daikon too, we are totally missing a soju to have a toast to! 


Lobster Miso Carbonara

At first glance, this would be what I'd pick as my choice of mains based on description. The sauce is delicious and none too cloying nor heavy. Infact, really light and with the housemade pappardelle tossed in the sauce and garnished with a succulent whole main lobster bincho grilled and glazed in chicken fat, this was arguably my favourite course! 


Crumbed Pork Ribeye


This is similar to a tonkatsu, except the flavour profile is more complex. The house blend of smoked chillies, mixed with honey and dijon and there's an umami rich mayo made with roasted nori, black vinegar and mayo - boy, the amount of layering involved. Licked the sauces clean and polished the pork in no time. 


Chilean Seabass with Sauce Vierge 

Really moist and tender chilean seabass with a crispy skin, possibly the simplest in terms of seasoning, but so good!



Looks like a puff pastry sandwich with a jasmine tea infused icecream and chantilly cream. The beautiful piece is finished with toasted buckwheat and topped with chamomile syrup.


Sicilian Pistachio

-     Love pistachio and love their interpretation of a pistachio dessert with pistachio icecream on a crumble base and...cured egg yolk shavings (!!!) with parmesan. The contrast of sweet and savoury is executed well, great for those who do not like their desserts straight up sweet. 


Orange Chocolate

-      Now now now, this was actually my favourite - to think chocolate and orange actually came out tops in all the pairings. Loved the textures of the dessert, mousse, crisp, creamy.     

 Book your table today, I'd be keen to check out their brunches!


Start your morning right with Jewel Coffee’s Gemma!


I remember one of the first appliances the Mister and I purchased when we had our home was the coffee machine. The convenience of having that cuppa just a button away was too good to ignore and through the years, we’ve had so many cuppas in the comfort of our home – that slice of café life!


Jewel Coffee’s also in the caffeine game too with the launch of Gemma, their super sleek and portable coffee machine with their monthly subscription plans for Specialty Coffee Nespresso Capsules! Choose from their Silver, Gold or Platinum memberships to enjoy 4/7/10 boxes of Jewel Coffee Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsules 10s every month. Plans start from $29.90 per month! Minimum 12 months subscription, otherwise cancellation fee applies.

Platinum works well for hardcore coffee fans because that translates to $0.53 per espresso shot! That’s even cheaper than a kopi-o from a kopitiam.  The coffeeholic husband easily downs 2 americanos a day and if he went the Starbucks way, we are easily spending $70 on coffees in a week. Definitely more value gotten with this subscription plan!


Starts from just a dollar a month – truth be told, what can you buy with a dollar these days?

Every capsule by Jewel Coffee is artistically orchestrated and meticulously packed to bring out each unique origin flavour profile and aroma. The recyclable oxygen barrier in each capsule is also tested oxygen barrier to ensure the full freshness of their roasted coffee grounds up to 18 months.

Steps are simple – push, pop and drink. Honestly with these conveniences, it takes a lot for me to give up the convenience on a work day for that coffee run to the nearest coffee shop or café.

Nespresso compatible makes Gemma wonderful too, I can switch around my flavours easily!

I’m no tree hugger but if the products I choose to use are 100% biodegradable and compostable, that’s a plus point! It’s good to know their capsules are.


There are 8 flavours to choose from with varying levels of intensities and flavours. The best part of their subscription plans is you can switch in and out of flavours every month.


To accompany the coffee is Otis Oat milk! Also available for purchase on their website.


 Meet the new flavour – Otis Choc Oat Milk! I had it both with coffee and neat and they’re both equally delicious! I love that it is creamy and milky, a very close alternative to chocolate flavoured cow’s milk.


Do you fancy a cuppa?


Resuming café services in the comfort of my home, here’s me and my plate of cookies with a cuppa.

For reading all the way to the end of the article, I have a promo code for you!

Quote “PHOEBE8” to enjoy 8% storewide discount on The code is valid from now till 30 September 2022, limited to one use per customer. No applicable to promotional items, subscriptions, and gift vouchers.



Celebrate with HoneyPeachSG Bakery!


Sugar is life, as much Health Promotion Board would frown at me saying so. I love a sweet treat every now and then, especially when the going gets very tough! The kind folks at HoneypeachSG Bakery reached out to me and sent me a couple of treats - truly made my week! 

HoneypeachSG Bakery is an online local bakery that specialises in customised cakes and desserts. I've checked out their designed cakes and boy are they too cute to eat! 


Misty Butterflies is a dreamy creation of strawberry shortcake. I love the colour palette of this, soft purple hues adorned with paper butterflies, bubbles and pearls. 


My inner princess was squealing away. 


The strawberry shortcake was a delicious sponge layered with fresh strawberries and buttercream, an absolute birthday classic and perfect for gatherings. So far, strawberry shortcake is always a crowd favourite flavour, next to chocolate! 

We also had a treat of their signature cupcakes in two different flavours - vanilla raspberry and cookie butter. 


The vanilla raspberry was a burst of sunshine, tangy and refreshing raspberry frosting with a vanilla cupcake. 


The cookie butter on the other hand is a must try for speculoos fans. I wish the cookie did not get soggy so fast. Otherwise, the cupcakes are definitely worth a mention! Moist for days after, a major plus point!

Seafood Paradise Celebrates 1 @ Vivocity

 ~ Invited Session~ 


Seafood Paradise has to be one of my favorite Chinese seafood restaurant in the whole of Singapore. With hearty portions that is value for the quality, Seafood Paradise seeks to marry both traditional and modern Chinese techniques found in many types of Chinese cuisine, such as Cantonese, Teochew, and Hokkien.


I got to taste the special 50% off dishes that Seafood Paradise is introducing in the whole of March, as well as other house specials that is probably not found anywhere else!


Fried white bait fish in salted egg yolk sauce

This is the starter that everyone needs to order here. If you are here just for snacks, this is perfect with beer. We had several helpings of this!


Stir-fried Japanese ‘La La’ clams with spicy garlic sauce (50% off!)

This was a great start to the meal. This whetted our appetite with the fragrant and spicy garlic sauce, and I wish I had a bowl of rice! But I had to pace myself, since I was in for a feast. The big juicy clams were a big hit with everyone there and this dish was gone in less than 5 minutes. 


Poached tiger prawns with Chinese herb in superior stock (50% off!)

Of course, the ingredients that are used in the stock is a closely guarded secret of the Paradise Group’s. This is a really wholesome dish that was really perfect since it was raining the day we tasted this dish. The prawns were expertly poached, and were plump and very juicy. This is definitely something I would order at Seafood Paradise at 50% off, or even at full price!



Salt-baked Sri Lankan crab

I had expected them to serve butter or chili crab, but this was a really refreshing change from the usual crab dishes. Although the crab was baked in salt, the insides of the crab were still very juicy. This really brought out the fresh brininess of the crab and I enjoyed this immensely. 



Boston lobster tossed in salted egg yolk (50% off!)

Salted egg yolk goes well with any seafood, and I really like stir fried lobster. This is a finger-licking good dish that needs to be attacked with your bare hands. You will definitely leave here satisfied with this dish.



Lychee pork ribs

Now this looked like the perennial tze char favourite, king pork ribs! Of course, there are some tze char places that also served the marmite or other versions of the dish, but I had to say this was on the sweet side and definitely a good foil to the fattiness of the pork. 



Spring roasted chicken with fried garlic

Oh this was so good. Fresh chicken, juicy and tender, roasted with such finesse and expertise, and dusted with fragrant garlic and a hint of shallot oil. Definitely great with some cold beer, or some chili and rice. So yummy.



Seafood mee goreng

I was slightly disappointed to note that this dish wasn’t part of the promo! I would definitely order this every single time I come to Seafood Paradise. 

Now, there are some places in Singapore that purport themselves as the ‘inventor’ of this seafood mee goreng (like how they claim to have invented chili crab), but for me, no other place does the seafood mee goreng justice like how Seafood Paradise does. Stir fried to perfection, not overly soft, not too undercooked, just with a great, chewy bite. I love that the seafood sauce is also not too sweet, something that is a pet peeve of mine when I try other versions of this dish at other places. It certainly also doesn’t hurt that the prawns are just on point and super fresh as well. 

Seafood Paradise is running the 50% off promotion with different dishes each week, exclusively for Citi Credit or Debit Cardmembers and PGR members!

Tuck into fresh and succulent live seafood, and indulge in the natural sweetness of the ocean. Available daily, enjoy 50% off a different signature seafood dish every week, over a period of 6 weeks.

11 Apr – 17 Apr: Steamed Scottish Bamboo Clam with Minced Garlic


Celebrate the Holi Festival @ Tiffin Room, Raffles Hotel

~Invited Session~

The Holi festival is a representation of the arrival of spring after winter, and the triumph of light over darkness. 

The playful nature of the festival is also an enactment of a game the Hindu god Lord Krishna played with his consort Radha and the gopis, or milkmaids. The story represents the candidness of the gods but also touches on  deeper themes: of the marching of time in the passing of the seasons, and the illusory nature of the material world.

Chef de Cuisine Kuldeep Negi captures this playfulness with his take on the Holi festival with a special Holi menu.



Dahi Bhalla Padpi Chaat, or deep-fried lentil dumplings, crispy fried bread, tamarind chutney, sweet yogurt, and pomegranate.

Chef Kuldeep always opens with a blast and this welcome dish is an explosion of flavors and textures: sweet and sour, chewy and crispy, and I feel that this is the summary of his interpretation of the meaning behind holi festival in one single dish. 


Tangdi Kebab and Jhinga Till Pakora, or Spicy-tandoori grilled leg and deep fried prawn with sesame seeds

The first appetiser whets your appetite with teasing flavors of smoked chicken, and the nutty and sweet freshness of the prawn. It is a sign of things to come and the ride will certainly get more and more interesting from here.


 Chole Kulche, or Chickpea Masala curry with naan, pickled onion, and cucumber

I love Gyros and if I closed my eyes and popped this into my mouth, this would’ve fooled me thinking that it is a really great rendition albeit with maybe some Punjabi cuisine influences. The naan is fluffy and fragrant, and the vegetables are pickled with finesse and leaves you relishing for more. 


 Murgh Lazzez, or Chicken breast in almond and cashew nut gravy with saffron and spices

This is a refreshing change to curry. The nutty gravy of cashew and almond is a great compliment to the juicy chicken and frankly I nearly finished a plate of naan with this delicious gravy.


Darbari Gosht, or Lamb chop in onions, coriander seeds and cardamon curry

For me, this was the best dish of the night. Chef Kuldeep always does great things with lamb dishes and I feel that very few chefs in Singapore can do a better lamb dish than him. 

Smoky and tender lamb that is first baked and then doused in a pleasantly spicy curry flavored with toasted coriander and cardamon, and is great with both naan and basmati rice. 

I had second helpings of this.



Tawa fish, or pan-seared barramundi with mint and coriander paste

Chef Kuldeep also does excellent grilled fish dishes and this is flavorful but light enough to be a dish eaten on its own. It’s a great juxtaposition to the other two heavily-flavored main dishes.


Masala Charmagaj Naan and Laccha Paratha, or White flour bed with melon seed and spices, and Flaky wheat bread

It pains me to have to choose what kind of naan I want to eat here at the Tiffin Room, because Chef Kuldeep is extremely creative in combining traditional naans with different regional subtypes and their seasonal ingredients, and everything is so damn good. 

Fragrant, chewy, fluffy, sweet and savory, all at the same time. I just can’t pick one favorite. 


Jeera Rice, or Indian basmati rice with cumin seeds

If you want to have a slightly less carb-heavy option, go for the basmatic rice. It is highly aromatic with roasted cumin and onion flavors infused into the rice, thick with heavenly flavors of clarified ghee. 


Never be shy at a great Indian meal!


Paan Rasgulla, or betel leaf flavored cheese dumplings

I never had a sweet cheese dumpling dessert before and I had to say this was a really nice end to the meal. 

The cheese is very light and is almost like a yogurt dip; the piquant nuttiness of the betel leaf is a great foil to the sweetness of this dish.


Pista Gujia and Gur Parre, or Traditional sweet dumplings with coconut and dried fruits, and jaggery bites

I would imagine these would be great snacks on their own. 

The Pista Guijia is like a sweet puff pastry that goes with great with a strong black coffee, the Gur Parre are sugar coated pieces of fried dough that is surely popular with young children. 

Once again, Chef Kuldeep has shown the depth of this repertoire with his interpretation of Holi in his new menu. 

Be sure to reserve your spots from 5 March to 19 March onwards. 


The menu and also its vegetarian version, which I did not try, is available for both lunch and dinner daily.


Lunch: 12:00pm to 2:00pm 

Dinner: 6:30pm to 9:30pm 

Opens daily, 5 to 19 March 2022 


Raffles Hotel Singapore, 1 Beach Road, Singapore 189673 

(Located at the Main Building, accessible via the main hotel entrance) 

Dress Code: 

Casual Chic (Dress shorts are allowed during lunch; no slippers or flip-flops) 



The Joyous Flavours of Holi Lunch & Dinner Menu: S$98++ per guest 

The Joyous Flavours of Holi Vegetarian Lunch & Dinner Menu: S$88++ per guest 

Complementary Wine Pairing: S$58++ 


The Durian Bakery - A haven for durian treats!


The good thing about Covid has to be the surge in the number of food delivery options – and the sweetest thing is being able to order on the same day and getting it delivered within the next 2 hours. How spoilt have we become, really.

Durian fans rejoice – The Durian Bakery is here to tempt with an assortment of durian treats! Just on cakes itself, the variety is a mind boggling 8 types ranging from crepe cake, cheesecake, icecream cake or just the plain old durian cake. 



Classic Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake 6″ (People’s Choice) ($78)


The people have spoken and for a start, I had to give their original a go. Light and fluffy vanilla sponge cake layered with mao shan wang pulp before being topped with fresh whipped cream. In all its lightness, I actually thought having it the next day was better! The durian taste fully infused in every bite.

Signature Durian Dessert Box ($75)

This is the best of all worlds with an assortment of durian treats – Super Burst MSW Giant Puff and Snowy Mochi.


While I thought the giant puff pastry was on the hard side, the pungent and creamy fillings more than made up for it – and super generous too!   


The mochis too are the best, so chewy and bite sized (which makes for half the guilt!)

By a stoke of luck, the aunt actually sent these over for my birthday. What a major surprise considering she is based on Australia and she somehow read my mind and the coincidence even!



24k Black Gold Durian Crepe Cake ($128)


This is an opulent looking cake with 40 layers of charcoal crepes, 5 layers of their signature MSW SilkyGold™ Durian Puree and a generous sprinkle of 24k gold flakes. 


Super creamy, this is one that will bust all diets and just the perfect treat to end the work week on! 



MSW Royal Pudding (Box of 6 Cups) ($48)

Also part of their patisserie range  are these royal puddings.

These 100ml MSW puddings are really good! Soft and creamy like mousse, totally melt in the mouth goodness. The durian pulp is truly the cherry on top of the icing, delicious! I like how this is not as heavy as most durian desserts, in fact, really light.

The Durian Bakery has so much to offer, I’m sure you’d find something you’d enjoy too!