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Esthergrace's tart box


I've always wanted to try Esther Grace's bakes and it is a pity that I did not get to try more of mysisterbakes' sweet treats. The opportunity arose and I managed to get one of her dessert boxes!


8 tarts for $32 and each are smaller than palm sized.


Cookie butter, salted caramel, black forest and lemon. 

The tart bases are so good - crunchy and buttery and they hold up the crunch even after a day in the fridge. My favourite flavours are cookie butter and salted caramel, I love the sweet and savoury combination.

Paradise Teochew @ Scotts Square

~Invited Session~

Move over set menus, we now have individual set menus with dishes individually plated and these come at a pocket friendly $38++ onwards. Taste Paradise and Paradise Teochew are the two restaurants under Paradise Group with these newly launched menus.

The featured menu goes for a tune of $38++, there is an option for wine pairing at a top up of $38++ as well.


Teochew Style Braised Duo Combination
Braised sliced Irish Far Duck, Braised Egg

A teaser of their teochew classic served, tender braised duck, crispy beancurd and a delicious drizzle of gravy.


Kapuka Marlbourough Sauvignon Blanc 2017 New Zealand

A fresh, fruity and crisp wine. Dry with high acidity though.


Crab Meat with Fish Maw Broth

Nourishing crabmeat fish maw broth is served to warm and comfort the belly. The ingredients were really generous too!


Steamed Cod Fillet with Garlic and Beancurd Skin


Everything with garlic tastes good - especially so amidst the COVID-19 situation. Garlic like tumeric is one of the ingredients that is known for its anti bacterial and anti viral properties. Perfect with the tender cod and delicious braised gluten.


Egon Muller "Scharzhof" Riesling Mosel 2018 Germany

Very likeable riesling with a mild sweetness yet a lingering intensity. Favourite!


Hokkien Style Fried Rice with Abalone

Just like mui fan, with more superior ingredients tossed in. I like how this is not all mush, the rice grains have a slight chewyness to it.


Two Hands Angles' Share Shiraz McLaren Vale 2018 South Australia

This red is full bodied with hints of ripe berries, dark chocolate and savoury spice. Great with red meats.


Order their thirst quenching honey lemon, loaded with enough Vitamin C too!


Teochew Style Sweet Soup 

Choose between hot and chilled versions of this white fungus lotus seed sweet soup to end the meal with.


Loaded with all the goodies, this sweet soup definitely gave the meal a lovely sweet finish. Between the chilled and hot version, I prefer the latter.


La Spinetta Moscato d'Asti DOCG 2018 Italy

Truly a sweet finish with a moscato. Very pleasant and easy on the palette.


We also tried the other Paradise Teochew specials, this minced pork oyster porridge is not to be missed. Juicy oysters made this dish sing with just the right doneness.



Also not to be missed is their oyster omelette. The crispy edges, gooey insides and tangy chilli makes this a must order if you love your orh luaks.

If this special priced menu does not appeal, drop by for their 30% off dine in and takeaway promotion!

Paradise Teochew
Scotts Square

Japan Premium Wine Fair @ Teppan Kappou Kenji

~Invited Session~


JR East Group celebrates quality Japanese wines with its
Japan Premium Wine Fair promotion this March, featuring five wines across 11
different restaurants in Singapore. From 2-31 March, wine connoisseurs can look
forward to trying these Japanese wines in 11 different restaurants and stores
this March, at special prices too! These wines are from the wine-producing
regions of Yamagata and Yamanashi and made with Japanese grape varieties like
Koshu and Muscat Bailey A, both are not grown outside of Japan.

The five wines are:


Japan Wine Sakura (Yamanashi Prefecture)


Chateau Jun Koshu 2019 (Yamanashi Prefecture)


2018 Rubaiyat Muscat Bailey A Barrel Aged (Yamanashi Prefecture)


2016 Takahata Arkadia Select Harvest (Yamagata Prefecture)


2017 Takahata Le Clôture Életrique en Kamiwada Chardonnay
(Yamagata Prefecture)

We paired 2017 Takahata Le Clôture Életrique en Kamiwada Chardonnay (Yamagata Prefecture) with our omakase at Teppan Kappou Kenji. This wine won prizes at Asia’s largest and most prestigious wine competition, the Japan Wine Challenge 2019.


It’s a chardonnay, a dry white wine with hints of over riped grapes and golden apples. It  complemented the dishes we had for the night.



Scallop Bisque served chilled had all my favourites – sea urchin, hokkaido scallop, prawn and even
micro tomatoes. Lovely textures and outstanding flavours, we were most definitely off to a fabulous start.



Sashimi assortment of chutoro, ootoro, kinmedai and octopus.


Tai fish, saffron, crabmeat was a beautiful dish put together and the plum rice ball remindedme of mui fan, only this was soaking in a hearty crab broth. Delicious. The fried negi too, gave this a lovely fragrance.




Seasonal specials was such a dainty presentation of fried fish, fire fly squid, tempura white fish and asparagus, fish roe and unagi sushi. A lot was going on in this platter and no complaints here since I love variety. My favourite from this has to be the fried fish – salted and fried so crispy and meaty. The only grouse is the tempura turned soggy faster than desired.


A5 Wagyu Beef is a showcase of Chef Kenji’s skills. Melt in
the mouth perfection.




Now for the heartier courses, lobster and clam soup was so robust, paired with the fried rice with shredded fish, bamboo shoots, ikura and white fish, this was truly one course worth having seconds of.


Everything in a seafood lunch checked off – comforting, tum satisfying and the best part of it is the charred rice bits at the bottom of the pot!


 The pickles too, tasted so good with the rice!


We ended on a sweet note over cheese tofu, grapes and strawberries and crushed cone. A refreshing change from fruit or icecream.

Satisfy your sushi cravings with!

~Product Feature~

This Covid-19 virus definitely fueled by online purchases, from groceries to meals even. So much so, with this working from home arrangement, the longest I've clocked without stepping out of the house is a grand total of 5 days. The convenience of food deliveries too, makes this cooped up life a tad more bearable.

Thanks to, I satisfied my sushi craving within 45 minutes. With free delivery for purchases above $60 and a flat fee of $5.90 for purchases lower than $60, the price point is reasonable.


The kind folks sent this Moriawase Sushi Party Set ($49.90) over and this is perfect for sharing with 4-5 foodies. I love that their set came with enough soy sauce and wasabi packets - major grouse when I run out of either when tucking into my sushi!


My delivery came with the sushi sealed, chopsticks, soy sauce and wasabi packets all bundled up.


The selection of maki and sushi rolls. The threenager had his fair share of non-raw sushi, so that keeps everyone happy. I was super tempted by their raw food range and would definitely consider the Premium Sushi Party Set ($69.90) next time!


My delicious platter. Ingredients are fresh and the consistency of rice is just right.


One of every flavour and more. Clearly I did not stop at one plate and we were all stuffed from indulging together with the other takeaways we had!


Sushi Delivery not only delivers sushi, they also have a variety of special sushi rolls (mango, avocado, cream cheese mentaiko salmon!), donburis and even bento sets!

Quote "phoebe10" for 10% off your orders, valid for first time users only. The code expires on 9 April 2020.


Thank you for the sushi platter! 

Orange Hotpot @ Da'an District, Taipei

Orange Hotpot came up as one of the must tries for hotpot and we scored a private room for our party of 6 adults and 3 children. The waiter was extremely patient with us and made sure our every need was attended to.


The menu is simple, ala carte or set and we all went with sets just for the final course. Read on to find out what! The set comes with appetizer, main course and dessert.


We were definitely tempted by our friends' seafood order.


The marbling of the Japanese beef!

We were not quite ready for a splurge so we went with the more affordable pork and lamb set.

Our meats were cooked shabu shabu style and with just 200 grams, this would fill a small eater considerably. Condiments are not necessary when the meat soaked up the broth really nicely.


Berkshire Pork (NTD 980)


Look at the folds! These were sliced so fine.


A mere swish and it gets cooked just right, I like my shabu shabu meats without condiments.


Australian Lamb Chops (NTD 880)


These were a decent cut, barely gamey and was equally delicious.


Oriental Tomato was really tomato without skin and vinaigrette but a really refreshing one.


Otherwise the alternative to it would be a crisp salad doused in sesame sauce and served with cashews.


This was probably chawanmushi which the threenager polished off without saving a bite for me.


Vegetables first, to sweeten the soup before the meats go in.



Congee choice


So this was what I waited all meal for, the waiter comes by with bowls of rice, raw eggs and nori strips. Wait for magic to happen as the broth bubbles and slowly rice gets cooked into porridge. This is definitely comfort food for the rainy weather, except they should have served this first! We ended up with way too much porridge.


Almond Tofu

This had an interesting texture, a cross between mochi and tofu not to mention a really slippery one.


Daily Dessert of mango pudding which was rather ordinary.

Caramel Pudding for the kids and they definitely enjoyed their dessert course more than the adults.

Impeccable service and quality food, and I am not sure if the price premium is worth the while considering we had a much cheaper hotpot and also enjoyed ourselves.

Orange Hotpot
No. 29-2號, Section 4, Ren'ai Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106