Wagyu Mafia's Singapore Venture - Mashi No Mashi

~Invited Session~

Chef Hisato Hamada, of Wagyu Mafia fame, has ventured into Singapore with his latest concept, Mashi no Mashi, at Guoco Midtown.

Mashi no Mashi means ‘more and more’, and Chef Hisato has certainly brought in his concept of zany excess into the well-heeled executive crowd at a premium location.

He is credited as being the first in the world to serve up a 100% wagyu ramen, and he has brought in the top of the line Ozaki wagyu as the showrunner in the shop’s offerings. 


Wagyu tsukumen

The Wagyu Tsukumen is the mainstay of the ramen-focused menu, showcasing succulent slices of Ozaki wagyu beef over noodles. The umami rich dipping stock is a 24-hour stewed beef bone broth that is complemented by bamboo shoots, cabbage, and soft-boiled egg.

Remember to ask for dashi at the end of the meal so that you can add it to the stock to have a rich beef broth!


Wagyu Gyoza

I also had the wagyu gyoza that was bloated from all the ingredients inside! It was bursting with beefy goodness and stock and I really wanted seconds but was really just too full from the rest of the food!


Wagyu Bak Ku Teh

Chef Hisato has also created a Singapore-special for his latest Singapore outpost, his own rendition of the local favourite bak ku teh, albeit done with a light beef broth with thick wagyu slices. This is something that is really different from his usual offerings so it was a nice touch in adapting to the local food scene. 

Banana Brulee

A healthier version of creme brulee since bananas are used. 

Queues expected, be warned. 

Mashi No Mashi
124 Beach Rd, #01-04 Guoco Midtown